Accuser’s Family Has a History of Lying?

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Jackson hired Geragos in February when the pop star realized that an upcoming BBC documentary was focusing uncomfortably on his sharing a bed with children. So the defense team had months to investigate the situation before the Santa Barbara County D.A. reportedly learned of the alleged abuse in June. If the case goes forward, one likely target for the defense: prior allegations of sexual assault made by the alleged victim’s family. [b]The boy’s parents filed a lawsuit in 1999 against JCPenney and Tower Records, in which they claimed store security guards beat the family after an alleged shoplifting episode in West Covina, Calif. (Shoplifting charges were filed but dropped.) In the suit, the family never mentioned sexual assault. But two years after the incident, NEWSWEEK has learned, all four members of the family claimed in depositions that the Tower guard had sexually assaulted the mother during the incident. The companies eventually paid the family a total of $152,500 without admitting guilt.[/b] But Michelle Moyer, who represented Tower’s parent company, MTS Inc., in the case, told NEWSWEEK that the material “would be very useful to Geragos.” Geragos himself wouldn’t comment. :4pinned Full article: [url=][/url]//MJJF

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