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The website has done an interview with Geraldine Hughes about the Michael Jackson set-up of 1993. Hughes will release a book, called [i]Redemption[/i], detailing just how the lawyer for the first accuser’s father helped him to extort money from Michael Jackson. Here’s a little snip of the interview:

[b]MJdb :[/b] At what stage did you realize the whole case was a set up ? [b]GH :[/b] When Rothman advised Chandler how to report child abuse using a third party without liability to a parent. I thought there was something really unusal about an attorney advising a client as such. [b]MJdb :[/b] In your opinion, why did finally Mr Jackson and his camp choose to reach a financial settlement with the family instead of going to the court? [b]GH :[/b] Jackson was correct. The legal system was not working for him. He had just lost 4 motions with the court and he should have won 2 of them. Because of the loss, Chandler’s attorneys were preparing to depose him and make him reveal all of his private financial information. Also, the criminal investigators were sitting by to gain access to the information through the civil proceedings, which had less restrictions than criminal. [b]MJdb : What are those motions you mention ?[/b] [b]GH : [/b] The first main motion was to block the civil case from proeceding the criminal case. The second was for trial and discovery preference, which would allow them for a speedy trial with 90 days. A case of this magnitude needed more time to prepare for a defense. Because they allowed the civil trial to precede the criminal, that allowed the D.A.’s office to lay and wait for evidence that would incriminate Michael in the criminal trial evidence tactics and procedures that would not have been allowed in the criminal case. Michael’s attorneys filed a motion blocking the D.A.’s office from obtaining the information obtained through the civil procedures, and he lost that motion as well. [u]I can honestly say that what was going on in the court system was 95% of the reason why Michael settled. It had nothing to do with being guilty.[/u] They also calculated that the trial could have lasted for 8 to 9 months. This would have costed Michael 4 times more than settling because he had high priced attorneys. And there was no guarantee that after spending all that money, the court system would have ruled in his favor. Up until that moment, it was not.

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