D.A. Dismisses another Govt Agency’s Report? – MJEOL Bullet #38

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[b]D.A. Dismisses another Govt Agency’s Report? – MJEOL Bullet #38[/b] A governmental agency doing an independent investigation has previously vindicated Michael Jackson of any wrongdoing against the very accuser who is now making allegations against him. District Attorney, Tom Sneddon, has inexplicably disregarded the findings of a joint investigation done by the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) and the LAPD. In his response, Sneddon calls the conclusion of that investigation insignificant: “Given what we know, we do not consider the DCFS statement a significant factor” (see [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=11634]Internal Memo: Case Against Jackson Unfounded[/url]). Reporters, commentators, and hosts of various cable and network shows all around the country have a problem with the dismissive attitude of the DA. Even Joe Scarborough (MSNBC Dec 9 show) expressed that this case is “going up in smoke.” He is, by no means, the only person who feels that way. To claim this bombshell of a memo has no bearing on their case would either be career suicide or symptomatic of a DA so blind that anything contrary to what he already believes to be true will be disregarded by him. Besides the fact that the findings of an earlier investigation clears Jackson, there are other holes in the case which this DA cannot seem to overcome as of yet:

  1. 1. How will he convince a jury that Jackson would, with the world watching, molest the very same kid that had already been investigated by DCFS–and who had already denied any abuse–after he was cleared of any wrongdoing? The very child featured in a documentary which spurred an investigation into his relationship with children in the first place?
  2. 2. Why would there have been an investigation by the DA’s office even [i]after[/i] the findings of the DCFS?
  3. 3. When and why would the mother go to a civil attorney [b]first[/b], before contacting the police? The very same civil attorney who apparently coached the first accuser’s parents from 1993 about how to go to a psychiatrist and have ‘revelations’ during therapy spark an investigation of molestation?
  4. 4. If the accuser was lying to cover the abuse when talking to investigators in Feb 2003, why didn’t the brother or the sister confess to knowing of any abuse? Apparently they were all interviewed separately at one point. Why wouldn’t the accuser or someone in his family have confessed at that time?
  5. 5. This mother and her children may have a previous history of lying during legal proceedings (see [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=341]Accuser’s Family Has a History of Lying?[/url]).
  6. 6. Jackson popped up all over the place after the February Bashir documentary—whether it be at film festivals, book release parties, depositions for other legal lawsuits, shopping malls, getting the key to the city in Gary, Indana, etc. When would this abuse have occurred and where? If Jackson has videotaped footage of himself being anywhere else when this alleged abuse took place, this case will and should be thrown out of court (if it makes it to court).
  7. 7. Why was a search and arrest warrant issued at the same time (from earlier reports) by a judge, noting that this previous investigation had taken place?

The DA’s statement today sets him at odds with trained investigators whose job it is to check the veracity of such allegations. There are three classifications that they could have concluded their investigation with: Substantiated, which means the allegations were indeed found to be true; Unsubstantiated, which means the allegations could be true but there wasn’t enough evidence; and [u]Unfounded[/u], which means there was no merit to the allegations to begin with. The DCFS memo says they found the allegations against Jackson to be [b]“unfounded”[/b], thus without merit. Regardless of how those sympathetic to the prosecution try to explain-away the DCFS findings, this is very damaging to the DA’s case since this disclosure is coming from a 3rd party. There are also rumblings from sources close to the Jackson family that this memo is only the tip of the iceberg as to evidence that will exonerate Jackson. It is reported the Jackson family will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon (Dec 10). -MJEOL

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