Rush Limbaugh Weighs in on the Jackson Case

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[b]What If Michael Didn’t Do It?[/b] [i]December 9, 2003 Rush Limbaugh[/i] I urge you to read this story from, which is a Court TV website.


Quote: “December 9th – A confidential investigation by Los Angeles police and child welfare officials concluded earlier this year that allegations Michael Jackson sexually abused a cancer-stricken boy were ‘unfounded,’ according to an internal government memo obtained by The Smoking Gun. The probe’s findings were based, in large part, on interviews with the alleged victim, his two siblings, and the boy’s mother.”

Folks, I’ve reminded all of you that everyone has a presumption of innocence – and not to fall for this media feeding frenzy against people they have it out for. All these so-called experts don’t know diddlysquat about Michael Jackson, most of whom never even met him, don’t take the place of a trial no matter how many times they appear on TV. That’s why I keep asking the question, “What if everybody on TV is wrong, here?” The Los Angeles Police Department found that these allegations lacked creditability. Don’t dismiss that possibility just because you find the story fun – or because you want people to keep tuning into your news channel. :4pinned Source: [url=][/url]

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