Number Ones kicking butt in the U.K.

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Despite this trying time, Number Ones (a greatest hits album, no less) is performing very well in the UK. It has been #1 since it debuted on the R&B Album Charts! [b]UNITED KINGDOM[/b] [b]Number Ones – UK Top 75 Album Chart[/b] Week #1: #1 (Sales: 118,000) Week #2: #2 (Sales: 139,400) * Sales Increased by 18% Week #3: #3 (Sales: 145,381) [b]Number Ones – UK R&B Album Chart[/b] Week #1: #1 Week #2: #1 Week #3: #1 [b]Note (Dec 8 03):[/b] ‘Number Ones’ has been [b]certified 2X PLATINUM in the United Kingdom[/b] signifying shipments in excess of 600,000 copies. [b]Note (Dec 12 03):[/b] ‘Number Ones’ has now shipped 1,022,231 units in the UK according to MJNI/Sony Music UK. For more information, see the topic: :4pinned [url=]’Number Ones’ Chart Performance UPDATED! [/url]

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