Sneddon Using PR firm for Jackson Case – Bullet #43 Update

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[b]Sneddon Using PR firm for Jackson Case – MJEOL Bullet #43[/b] [i]Update #1[/i] Tom Sneddon, District Attorney of Santa Barbara, is using public relations (PR) firm Tellem Worldwide to field questions about the Michael Jackson case. If you too are wondering why a District Attorney with such an allegedly “strong” case would need a PR firm handling questions, you are not alone. It is yet another baffling move, in a series of bewildering decisions, this District Attorney has made. In his Dec 15 press release, it states that any “additional inquiries by the media not covered by the Web site should be directed at Tellem Worldwide…” Tellem Worldwide “is a publicity and public relations agency specializing in health and science, biotechnology, entertainment, consumer products, beauty and fitness, and pet products”(see [url=]website[/url]). While it isn’t unheard of for a DA to use a PR firm to handle high-profile cases, one has to wonder if the securing of a public relations firm was the reason for such a long delay in filing charges against Jackson. Jackson Family spokesman Brian Oxman immediately criticized the DA for hiring a PR firm. He says “a district attorney is supposed to try the case in court, not in the press.” Oxman continues with his disapproval: “We are now only interested in image and making the DA look good. First we had a press conference where the DA told jokes, and now we have a PR firm the DA has hired that also represents the Cartoon Network” (see [url=]DA Announces Intention To File Jackson Charges, Hires PR Firm[/url]). After that incredibly unprofessional and infamous press conference, it appears that Sneddon does indeed want to play this out in the media. While Sneddon claims he will not play this case out in the media, he has a history of saying one thing and doing another. At the same press conference, he also said he would not do any interviews. Yet, days later Court TV broadcasted a new, sit-down interview with prosecution apologist Diane Dimond in which he talked about the Jackson case. He also did another interview with CNN’s Art Harris in yet another attempt to shore-up media sympathy for his, so far, non-existent case. Also, he implied the law in California had changed to allow prosecutors to compel witnesses to testify, which is untrue as well (see [url=]Is Tom Sneddon Incompetent?[/url]). A PR firm [i]could[/i] be beneficial to the way his case is portrayed in the media. However, it means absolutely nothing if he does not have any or enough evidence to prove his case. A huge chasm the prosecution cannot overcome is the independent investigation from a neutral, 3rd party, Department of Children & Family Services, completely clearing Jackson of any molestation allegations by concluding the accusations were “unfounded” (see [url=]Internal Memo: Case Against Jackson Unfounded[/url]). All the PR firms in the world cannot make hard evidence, such as that, disappear. Thus, Sneddon has painted himself into a corner and will probably try to convince the public that Jackson molested this accuser after February 2003 with the whole world watching. Sneddon and those who are sympathetic to the prosecution, have tried desperately and unsuccessfully to discredit the investigation done by the DCFS. Some show hosts have insulted the person writing the memo, claimed that DCFS must have been over-worked and sloppy, and outright claimed the memo means nothing to the case at hand. If DCFS had concluded the allegations against Jackson were true, that same memo would have been trumpeted to the heavens as absolute proof of Jackson’s guilt by those same people. One has to wonder why it seems media-types would rather a child be molested instead of making real room for the possibility that Jackson is innocent. Jackson is innocent until proven guilty. Maybe the PR firm hired by the DA will attempt to convince us otherwise. -MJEOL

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