Criticizing Child Protective Services: Sneddon says “I should have shut up”

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[b]Criticizing LA C.P.S.: Sneddon says “I should have just shut up” Bullet #46[/b]

Sneddon is on a roll. After harshly dismissing the LA Children’s Services Department and their investigation done February of this year, Tom Sneddon now expresses regret…again.

The critique came during his press conference Thursday (Dec 18) after filing charges against Jackson. Sneddon told the Santa Barbara News-Press Friday (Dec 19), “I should have just shut up” (see Sneddon says, "I should have shut up", Criticizing Child Protective Services (outated link)).

Sneddon claims his comments were triggered by another case he’s handling against LA County’s Department of Children & Family Services.

Questions remain as to whether or not he can adequately separate the two cases, and not unfairly go after Jackson based on something that may have happened in a totally unrelated case. As reported here earlier, sources–who posted the confidential DCFS summary memo—also reported that the memo is backed by a large case file.

This would mean that contrary to Sneddon’s characterization of their investigation as a simple “interview,” there were multiple separate interviews during an investigation spanning almost two weeks by workers trained to investigate these types of cases.

This marks the second time Sneddon has expressed regret for something he has said during a press conference. In that infamous press conference held in November, Sneddon later apologized for his extremely unprofessional behavior when he made jokes and appeared overly jovial (see DA Admits to Unprofessionalism (outdated link)).



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