Who Cried ‘Abuse’ First: The Child or the Therapist? Bullet #41 Repost

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Who Cried ‘Abuse’ First: The Child or the Therapist? – MJEOL Bullet #41


On the MSNBC show Countdown with Keith Olbermann (Dec 11), the infamous Diane Dimond made an appearance (see  transcript).

In a bewildering admission, Dimond alluded to the fact that it may have been the therapist who came to the conclusion of abuse.

She says, “In June, after the young boy…had gone through many sessions of therapy, his therapist came to the conclusion that they—he thought abuse had occurred…”

Under law, therapists are required to report this information to the proper authorities. If it were the therapist—reportedly the exact same therapist involved in the 1993 Jackson case—who cried “molestation” before or instead of the child, the mother is sitting on top of a goldmine in terms of suing the shrink for malpractice.

Celebrity Justice is reporting that the lawyer (Larry Feldman, the same one from 1993 case) and the therapist (reportedly the same one from 1993 case) went to Child Protective Services (CPS) in person to report the child was allegedly abused.

According to Celebrity Justice, they were “turned away” and supposedly CPS “refused to take a report.” CPS may have specifically asked the therapist if the [i]child[/i] said he was abused, or if the therapist just “thought”, “suspected” or “concluded” abuse took place without an admission from the child.

If the therapist’s answer was the latter—coupled with an earlier investigation by CPS—that may have been a reason why the therapist was allegedly “turned away”.

However, there is no independent confirmation that the story Celebrity Justice was pushing is accurate or is a full recounting of what happened. Striking admissions aside, it is rather odd this allegedly destitute family could afford “many sessions of therapy” from this extremely high-priced therapist.

Most commercially driven media have yet to look into who is paying the bills for these “many sessions of therapy” along with Feldman’s legal bills.

Surprisingly, Fox news reporter Roger Friedman–a regular Jackson basher–claims the family went “shrink shopping” in his Dec 10 2003 article(outdated link).

Friedman says this “shrink shopping” happened as early as last winter in 2002. Friedman also reports that his “sources” tell him, “ ‘They [the family] went shrink shopping until they found the answer they wanted to hear.’ ” Further, his sources also state the family went “attorney-shopping”, which corroborates earlier reports that the mother sought out and was turned down by at least two civil attorneys as early as late last year and early January of this year before finding their current attorney, Larry Feldman.

And who is Larry Feldman again? The same lawyer who represented the accuser in the 1993 case, and who also recommended the accuser from 1993 see the same shrink who this new accuser saw when he allegedly claimed Jackson abused him. Same attorney, same therapist, similar allegation.

Connect the dots.



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