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From MJJF’s E-News: [b]NEVERLAND PARTY[/b] Yesterday evening, Dec 20th, over 1500 guests attended a party at Michael Jackson´s ranch, Neverland Valley. Among the celebrity guests were Eddie Griffinth, Latoya Jackson, Joe and Katherine Jackson, MC Hammer, Nick and Aaron Carter, Serena Williams, Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, Darrl Strawberry, Jackie Stallone, Mark McGrath, Lionel Ritchie, Bobby Taylor, Mario van Peebles, Chris Tucker as well as the Jackson-family. And yes, Janet was there too! Stuart Backerman mentioned in a press conference by the start of the party, that the new official website had had over 15,000 hits in just one day!!! Michael was wearing a knee length blue sequined jacket, light blue silky shirt, black pants, black, sparkly boots, and a medallion necklace – not to mention a huge smile on his face. His hair looked exactly like it did during the Radio Music Awards. Later in the evening as it got chilly, he put on a black jacket with a red band around his arm. According to people there, he was bopping his head to the music playing in the background. [u]Comments:[/u] [b]Mickey:[/b] [i]he looked very happy and enjoyed the night tremendously … he cracked up a lot and enjoyed everything. surrounded by family and friends and the fans were so close … ´mj you are sexy´ being yelled at him was one of the best comments of the night! he just fell over laughing his ass off lol[/i] [b]MoOnWaLk4MeBaBy:[/b] [i]A very beautiful experience….Michael was looking breath-taking AS ALWAYS. The whole Jackson family (immediate and extended) are SO freakin´ NICE, polite, and respectful…and I must also add…they are all such beautiful looking people[/i] :lasta [url=]Sign up for MJJF’s E-News service[/url]

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