Some Prosecutors Have Doubts about Case against Jackson Bullet #47

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[b]Prosecutors Have Doubts about Case against Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #47[/b] CNN legal analyst and OJ Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden spoke to Wolf Blitzer Dec 19 about the “bothersome” Jackson case. Darden says the case kept him awake the night before. He continues:


“Apparently the DA in Santa Barbara County expects us to believe that Michael Jackson not only molested this kid prior to the Children’s services investigation, but while the investigation was going on. And then continued to molest this child even after that investigation.”

Darden also says that in the absence of strong corroborating evidence, he wonders whether or not this case should have gotten this far:


“I mean, there are problems here. And unless the prosecution has substantial corroborating evidence in this case, I have to wonder whether or not they could ever convict Michael Jackson, number one. And number two, whether or not they should have brought this case in the first place.”

Darden is by far not the only legal professional who sees major problems with the prosecution’s case against Jackson. Loyola Law School Professor Laurie Levenson says the timeline does not work in the prosecution’s favor. She told AP special correspondent Linda Deutsch that “You’d have to believe that he was so bold that after being put on notice of an investigation, he continued activity.” Mark Geragos dismissed the DA’s timeline as a “joke,” on Larry King Live (see [url=]TRANSCRIPT – Mark Geragos on Larry King Live Dec 18[/url]). Geragos also noted, “I have never seen a situation in 20 years of criminal law where somebody goes shopping around to various agencies to find somebody to file charges in a case such as this. It is just unheard of.” CNN legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom spoke to Anderson Cooper (Anderson 360, [url=]transcript[/url]). She has actually heard a tape of the conversation including the mother of the accuser where the mother is praising Jackson. She also notes:


“But the tape I heard was from Feb 16. Couple that with the fact that the Department of Child Services investigation concluded at the end of February. The prosecution is going to have some difficulty combating inconsistent statements.”


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