Attorney for Accuser’s Father Releases Damaging Docs –Bullet #59

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Attorney for Accuser’s Father Releases Damaging Docs – MJEOL Bullet #59

The attorney for the father of the accuser appeared on MSNBC’s The Abrams Report yesterday (Jan 8) to discuss the mother’s propensity for persuading her children to lie to authorities. Russell Halpern has released documents which question the accuser’s mother’s character in an effort to combat attacks on the father’s character. Halpern says these documents show a pattern of the mother’s incredible control over making her children change their stories to fit the mother’s wishes.

Halpern gives specifics:


“Child Services were called to the home following a family disturbance and they spoke to the children without the mother being present. During that interview, they told Child Services that the father had never struck them, never struck their mother. And then following that, the mother after receiving a card in the door called the Child Services very upset…they came back, and when they came back, and the mother was present, they changed their story.” (see LA County DCFS Report) (see State of California Health and Welfare Agency Report)

In fact, looking at the documents from Child Services, it is clear the children (without the mother present) told the workers the father had never abused them. When Child Services were called back to the residence (with the mother present), they told tales of being abused: kicked, struck and hit by the father. They also claimed the father made a death threat against the mother; a statement later recanted in judge’s chambers by the sister of the accuser.

Looking at the documents of police reports during a domestic disturbance, the mother admitted to officers she has received psychiatric treatment in the past. When questioned again about it later, she refused to answer, but never denied it. Halpern says these documents were “presented to another prosecutor in the case that I was handling and that caused them to have some doubt as to her credibility and the credibility of the children.”

Halpern explains that, once again, this family has a history of making very serious allegations of abuse “then withdrawing them and then making them again.” He reiterates that each time accusations are made, the mother is always present.

Halpern affirms the father has gone into seclusion and the attacks on his character have caused problems with him seeking custody of his children. He says he thinks “someone should stand up and let the public know” that there were extenuating circumstances surrounding the father’s past history.

The father is torn, Mr. Halpern admits, as to whom to believe: his son (the accuser) or Michael Jackson. Given the mother’s history of making his own children lie against him in previous court proceedings, the father is understandably cautious. Halpern says:


“When he was first informed of these accusations, his feeling was one of surprise and disbelief. Because he had been friends with Michael Jackson, and he did not believe that he was a pedophile. At the same time, he would want to believe his son. So he was conflicted. And last time I spoke with him, I don‘t believe he had any opinion one way or the other.”

The panel on The Abrams Report, were brought into the conversation about this latest round of damaging documents the prosecution may not be able to overcome. When asked if these documents would have any impact on the Jackson case, former prosecutor Paul Pfingst gave a resounding “Yes.” Pfingst continues:


“These types of things are troubling. One of the most important considerations for a prosecutor and for a jury when you have a child sexual molestation issue is what are the circumstances under which the child came forward with the information.”

Criminal defense attorney Jayne Weintraub says she thinks the Jackson case is “getting worse and worse for the prosecution if it was ever good to begin with.” Weintraub also says at the beginning, the mother’s credibility with supporting or suborning perjury from her children has been raised. Weintraub continues:


“I think this is further evidence that the woman is shaking him down, shaking Jackson down for more money. And I think that’s at the heart of this whole matter. And I really wonder, Dan, how much Sneddon has investigated this woman and the behavior that she exercises over [her children].”

In response to the question as to whether or not Sneddon or others knew about these documents before they were disclosed to the press, Halpern says he’s gotten two different answers from the district attorney and from deputies in Santa Barbara.

At first, they said they “really weren’t concerned about the mother, her past, and weren’t looking into it.” Then they later changed their story and told Halpern “we’re well aware of the mother’s past.” However, Halpern raises another point about the timing of the execution of the search warrant.

Apparently, Sneddon and co. were first told of this allegation against Jackson in June 2003, yet they waited until November to get a search warrant. Halpern says this could be indicative of the DA having “some problems with the credibility of this young man back in June. Otherwise, I can’t see a prosecutor not acting upon it. After all, he’s heard that this person is an active child molester…”.

Halpern’s not the only one to be suspicious of the timing of the execution of the search warrant. As you remember, authorities raided Jackson’s home, with some 60+ officers and the media in tow, on the very date Jackson’s new greatest hits album was released. This has caused a damper in sales, mostly in the U.S. Reports say Jackson’s latest has sold 3 million copies worldwide just since November, with over 1.5 million being sold in the U.K. alone.

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