Viewers Sick of Jackson Bashing, Kobe, Peterson News?

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[b]Viewers Hope Journalists Reform in 2004[/b] Friday, January 09, 2004 By Eric Burns A few days ago, it was time to make resolutions for the new year… At the end of last week’s edition of Fox News Watch, I asked viewers to e-mail the program not their resolutions, but those they would like the media to make — and not break — in 2004. The response was overwhelming. People who watch television news are resolute in their conviction that journalists need to reform. The most common theme was that the media should be more objective — [b]“more straight reporting, less analysis by reporters,”[/b] is what Jerre from Floresville, Texas, would like to see this year; Valli from Mesa, Ariz., wants [b]“to see less talking heads and more actual news. I’m smart enough to form my own opinion!”[/b]; and Betty from Brigham City, Utah, wants the media to [b]“leave out ideological viewpoints and report the news, fair and balanced.”[/b] … Sheila, from Merritt Island, picks up on one of her fellow Floridian’s points: [b]“If the main character in the story is Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant or Scott Peterson, please let us know when the trial begins, and tell us what the verdict is at the end. NOTHING in between, please. I’m getting tired of changing channels every time I hear one of those names.”[/b] [b]So is Greg from Pittsburgh, Pa.: “Can you create a separate channel for Michael Jackson so I don’t have to keep changing the channel?”[/b] … But all of them, with the exception of Fox News Watch’s giving away bric-a-brac, demonstrate the increasing interest that Americans seem to have not just in the news, but in the way news is presented. Or slanted or sensationalized or trivialized or ignored or over-emphasized. All of the suggestions demonstrate that those people to whom the news is presented are becoming savvier about journalism, and less patient with what they perceive to be the journalism’s shortcomings… :4pinned [url=]Read FULL Story[/url]

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