Mother of Accuser Admitted to ‘psychiatric treatment’ – Bullet #60

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Mother of Accuser Admitted to “psychiatric treatment” – MJEOL Bullet #60

In court documents released by the lawyer for the father of the accuser, the mother admitted to police she had received “psychiatric treatment” in the past. During a domestic disturbance between the accuser’s father and mother in 2001, police were called to their residence.

The report says “The officers asked Mother if she’s ever had psychiatric treatment and she said yes, in the past but not currently.”

The State of California Health and Welfare Agency report also says “the police report [blocked-out info] did not mention the children’s welfare. The officers question mother’s ability to care for the children.”

The mother also told the police she was being helped by “Kobe Bryant, Fritz Coleman, Michael Jackson, and other celebrities…”

Later, when the mother is asked again about whether or not she’s received psychiatric treatment, she refuses to answer the question but never denies it. One has to wonder if this affects the credibility of the charges against Jackson being made by this family.

Reportedly, this mother was making threats against Jackson in January, which is partly why Mark Geragos was hired. Geragos supposedly was brought into the situation at the very beginning of February before the time the district attorney is alleging abuse occurred.

Couple that with the family’s litigious history and propensity for lying under oath, and the suspicion about the family’s motives only increases.

It would be interesting to know if this mother has a history of attempting to extort other celebrities as well. More about these documents in a later MJEOL Bullet. Stay tuned. Read documents for yourself here:

(see LA County DCFS Report)

(see State of California Health and Welfare Agency Report)



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