Nation of Islam Story an Intentional Distraction, Bullet #50 Repost

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[b]Nation of Islam Story an Intentional Distraction – MJEOL Bullet #50[/b] [i]Repost[/i] There has been much ado about nothing concerning the Nation of Islam (NOI) and their involvement with Michael Jackson. The New York Times has now jumped into the fray of misleading nonsense designed to taint the possible jury pool by writing an article claiming that the NOI have somehow taken over Jackson’s life. Cue the violins! Allegedly, anonymous sources on Jackson’s team are worried about the NOI usurping Jackson’s authority. These “sources” are so worried, in fact, that they would intentionally talk to a New York Times reporter and publicly undercut Jackson’s case. We are all supposed to believe that they are “concerned” and have his best interest at heart? I don’t think so. If it exists, it is a private matter that Jackson will undoubtedly handle, and not meant for the public’s microscopic view to scrutinize. However, there have been denials upon denials about this story from those in a position to know. First, these shadowy New York Times sources may or may not even be remotely related to Jackson or the case at this point. Given the history of the District Attorney’s public relations firm, Tellum Worldwide, I would not be surprised if these shadowy sources were plants, specifically misleading journalists on this issue. Geragos has previously stated on CNN’s Larry King Live that he’s tracked this NOI story in its current form, back to Tellum Worldwide through reporters who have confessed that the PR firm is where they got their information (see [url=]Jackson Not a Member of the Nation of Islam[/url]). Second, if these “Jackson sources” are so concerned, the last thing that would help the object of their concern is speaking to the media about it. The NOI has released a statement saying “The Nation of Islam, in response to several inquiries, has said today that it has no official business or professional relationship with Mr. Michael Jackson. The Nation of Islam joins thousands of other people in wishing him well” (see [url=]Nation of Islam denies involvement…[/url]). The NOI statement comes after Mark Geragos (Jackson’s defense attorney), Jermaine Jackson (Jackson’s brother), Charles Koppleman and Alan Whitman (Jackson’s financial advisers and in charge of his music), and other family friends have already denied any strong influence of the NOI over Jackson’s finances or administration decisions. This should be the end of the story. Why is this story intentionally being forced up the public as if its relevance has any bearing on Jackson’s case? Further, why, with all of the information that could have been written as a result of the 60 minutes interview, would the NOI story so engross print journalists’ imaginations that their lead articles all speak and speculate about it? Other insiders have outright called the foisting of this issue upon the public as an intentional distraction designed solely to turn jurors away from Jackson and alienate fans who do not like the Nation of Islam. Those sympathetic to the prosecution, along with possibly misguided Jackson hangers-on, seem to be working overtime with seeking to create a wedge between the King of Pop and his regular supporters. However, this plan does not appear to be working, hence the story being continuously pressed by those who want the media to ignite public outrage about it. Most fans have correctly assumed that Jackson makes his own decisions, whether the decision is right or wrong. Not to mention that Jackson is loathed to turn over total control of his life to anyone, let alone a member or members of the NOI. One fan said, “As stubborn as Michael is, there’s no way I’ll believe this unless it’s coming from Michael himself.” Another fan chimed in: “Everyone in a position to know have totally denied any svengali-like involvement with Jackson. Am I to believe an unnamed source instead of Michael’s legal representatives and family members?” It’s an interesting question. Are we to believe the word of an anonymous source over the words of those in a position to really know the truth of the matter? Unfortunately for the media, we are all not as stupid as they certainly must think we are. With that said, we as the public should also be careful about any information not coming directly from Michael Jackson or his authorized spokespeople in a public forum. Divide and conquer is the name of this game. And those sympathetic to the prosecution are playing it for all it’s worth. -MJEOL

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