Jackson Leech, Dimond Shopping for Book Deal; Bullet #61

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Jackson Leech, Dimond Shopping for Book Deal – MJEOL Bullet #61 MTV News is reporting tonight that Diane Dimond is bucking for a big book deal, promising to defame Jackson’s character in every way possible. According to the report, “Dimond’s would-be book…alleges abuse on the part of the singer against more than just the boy at the center of the latest charges.” Despite no indictments or charges from any other molestation case, it looks as if Dimond will once again make herself a prime target of civil action for defamation of character arising from her latest unproven allegations. What is even more insidious, calculating and disgusting than any reporter having the gall to be shopping around for a book deal before Jackson has even been arraigned, is the way in which Dimond has reported what have turned out to be outright lies about Jackson in the past—while in the same breath, commenting about journalistic integrity concerning the reporting of the case. The queen of Jackson tabloid news has, in fact, been resurrecting her waning career from the latest charges against Jackson. Given her past for actively seeking out and recruiting alleged “victims” of Jackson, there is some question as to what her role was in making this latest case come to fruition. It would be nice to find out if she had any contact with the current accuser’s family before they retained the service of civil attorney Larry Feldman—the same civil attorney for the accuser in 1993. From the very beginning of the Jackson scandal, Dimond was being fed information from higher-ups in the district attorney’s office and sheriff’s department. She was, apparently, in tow when the police ransacked Jackson’s Neverland Ranch the day of his album release, Nov 18. She was leaked search and arrest warrant information before any other media outlet as well. In a recent article by David Bauder of the Associated Press, he tells the tale of Dimond going to the Chairman of Court TV months before the Jackson scandal broke requesting “money and manpower” to help “dig” out a story. That story was the then upcoming Jackson scandal. If not outright contacting this family and possibly stirring the pot with promises of financial payoffs after the Bashir documentary, at the very least her involvement and close relationship with the DA is highly suspicious. She has readily admitted to knowing both this current accuser and the accuser from 1993 as well. Suspicious? Highly. As you remember from an earlier MJEOL Bullet, Dimond was “working on” a Jackson molestation case after 1993 which totally blew up in her face. Dimond, while working for the now defunct tabloid show Hard Copy, flew to Toronto, CA to get another so-called accuser’s story. Instead of contacting the authorities right away, Dimond made the so-called accuser give her a sit-down interview before taking him to authorities. When he was questioned by the police, the so-called accuser admitted to making up the entire story with the help from a Jackson-obsessed nut named Rodney Allen. Dimond, with egg on her face, attempted to paint herself as a victim in the scam (view videotape of Hard Copy segment). Given this type of history, it is not terribly shocking this particular media leech would now be shopping around a salacious book. However, what makes it insidious is the promise for it to detail the many lies she and her kind have been attempting to spread since it became profitable for hack-journalists to make money from Jackson’s fame. -MJEOL

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