Bombshell from Johnny Cochran Concerning Accusing Family Bullet #68

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Bombshell from Johnny Cochran Concerning Accusing Family – Bullet #68 It has come to MJEOL’s attention that a few days ago, NBC legal analyst Johnny Cochran appeared on the Today Show and revealed some startling information. Cochran admitted that Larry Feldman—the same lawyer for the 1993 accuser and this current accuser—at first chose not to represent this current accuser in a potential civil suit against Jackson last year. This was evidently some time before news broke that Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was being ransacked by the police in Nov 2003. What is unbelievably interesting in the disclosure is this family may have been looking to file a civil suit against Jackson some time last year. This blows a hole in the “the family only wants justice” story being pushed in the media by the likes of Jamie Masada and tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. If this family was indeed looking to file a lawsuit against Jackson before any police got involved, it smacks of the same type of situation which happened in 1993, in which Feldman was also involved. This news comes on the heels of reports saying the family may have gone “lawyer shopping”, until they found one that would do what they wanted. It was last reported that 4 other attorneys turned them down before they finally ended up with Feldman. Feldman is the attorney who paid for this current accuser to see the same shrink that the 1993 accuser saw. The 1993 accuser’s visit to the same shrink, too, was arranged by Feldman. Feldman admitted during a recent 20/20 interview that this current accuser had to have this molestation information “dragged out of him”. Coupled with all of the other information about the same players being involved in both cases, this should send up red flags. It is a bit too uncanny that neither one of these accusers, Feldman, or the shrink contacted the police at any time before filing a civil suit (1993) and running to Sneddon (2003). The new law put in place in California since 1993 allows the prosecution to stop a civil case from going forward before the criminal case. This is most likely the reason why the family has not formally filed a civil suit which has absolutely nothing to do with them wanting to “seek justice”. In fact, some observers say that if they wanted to seek justice, they would have gone to the police first and not a civil attorney. Also, to our understanding, the family may have been stopped from filing a civil suit by the prosecution, who now has them under “protective custody.” It will be interesting to find out the exact timeline of when these events took place. This new development has yet to be spread by Celebrity Justice or Court TV. These same entities are always ever so rabid in their attempts to promote the accusing family’s stories. Celebrity Justice’s leaks of so-called information, most likely from the prosecution, could be their downfall when this is over. You better stay tuned. -MJEOL

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