Women in Jackson’s Life Dragged into Media Melee; Bullet #69

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Women in Jackson’s Life Dragged into Media Melee – MJEOL Bullet #69 Obviously wounded by having his “Jacko is broke” lies slapped down by Jackson’s business advisors, hack journalist Roger Friedman and a number of other so-called news agencies have gone off the deep end by dragging both Jackson’s ex-wife and one of his nannies into the media melee. Debbie Rowe, the mother of two of Jackson’s children, was spotted having lunch at the Ivy restaurant last week. Certain media crackpots and fired employees have not hesitated to inject her into the recent rumors about the Nation of Islam. Despite their excellent security force, which is their only role in Jackson’s camp, they have been used to repeatedly demonize Jackson. The latest “news” is that Rowe, who is reportedly Jewish, is “worried about her kids becoming Muslim.” This is an obvious attempt to bolster the rumors that the Nation of Islam is taking over Jackson’s life. Jackson is not a Muslim, so what makes these rumor-mongers think he would convert his kids? Rowe has not spoken to any media since she vehemently defended her ex-husband on the “Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See” special which aired in Feb 2003. She did, however, eat lunch with two people who have had ties with Jackson. One of those people is currently making the rounds on various TV shows claiming to be “concerned” about Jackson, yet is using this Nation of Islam nonsense to fan the flames. Whether this person is actually “concerned” about Jackson or not, it seems incredibly stupid and underhanded to use the rabid tabloid media to air these alleged “concerns.” Other people who have done similar things like this in the past have been nothing more than desperate attention-seekers, angry that they have been thrown from the Jackson gravy-train. It remains to be seen whether Rowe has been completely mislead about the Nation of Islam’s involvement or lackthereof, whether the story is a total fabrication from desperate journalists, or whether it was created by delusional ex-employees bitter that they’ve been fired. However, Friedman, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, and the rest are not exactly known for double checking their information with someone other than a person who tells them what they want to hear. For example, one of the above named tabloid hacks is still reporting that Jackson has a $350M loan from Bank of America despite Jackson’s senior business advisor, Charles Koppleman, appearing on the Today Show and CNN’s Anderson 360 to slap down that lie. Also dragged into this “the-Nation-of-Islam-are-evil-usurpers-taking-over-Jackson’s-life” story is one of (yes, I said one of…) Jackson’s nannies known as Grace. The report from Entertainment Tonight today (Jan 19) is that she is a member of the Nation of Islam, introduced Jackson to the Nation of Islam, and has taken more control over Jackson life. This information is unbelievably inaccurate and is currently being used to demonize this woman by implying some sinister plot to take over Jackson’s affairs. According to our sources, Grace is not a member of the Nation of Islam. In fact, she is not even Muslim. Further, Jackson’s family members have had friends who are members of the Nation of Islam for the past 20 years, so she definitely did not “introduce” Jackson to the Nation of Islam. Third, if you noticed Jackson’s delighted behavior outside of the courtroom after his arraignment, you will know that nobody controls him. Oh, but the story gets more ridiculous than that! Some so-called reporters have committed credibility suicide, running wild with the Nation of Islam story, by saying that since Grace was at the arraignment with Jackson, Nation of Islam members were at home watching/babysitting Jackson’s kids! [Continue reading once you stop laughing.] The speculation says the Nation of Islam now has taken over baby duty for Jackson’s 3 kids! It would be laughable if it weren’t so incredibly nonsensical and a desperate attempt to further this already dead story. The fact that Grace is one of Jackson’s nannies—there is also at least one other black female working as nanny for Jackson’s children who we have seen more often with the children in public—seems to have been totally overlooked when concocting this latest story. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the next story says all black people around Jackson are power-hungry members of the Nation of Islam. And of course, I’ll have my pen ready to rebut that racist story if it occurs. As with most hack journalists, and so-called legitimate news sources which have gotten their information from hack journalists, the truth always seems to get overlooked. It is times like these when the following words should come to mind: “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.” -MJEOL

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