Debbie Rowe Furious over Tabloid Rumors – Bullet #72

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Debbie Rowe Furious over Tabloid Rumors – MJEOL Bullet #72 Debbie Rowe is absolutely furious over the latest tabloid reports that she is said to be seeking custody of her and Jackson’s children, and that he isn’t their biological father. In yet another attempt to distract the public from the prosecution’s non-existent case, some “sources” are working overtime. And the media have jumped on these stories only to find out that there is no truth to any of them. Rowe expressed her outrage at being dragged into the media melee to NBC4 Monday (Jan 26). She calls all of the nonsensical reports derived from the UK tabloid, News of the World, “a malicious, pathetic pack of lies” (see Debbie Rowe Mad as Hell about Tabloid Reports ). It is unclear as of now if Rowe and/or Jackson will seek legal action against the UK rag because of the fabricated stories. Taking the total nonsense a step further, Harvey Levin—the creator of US based tabloid tv show Celebrity Justice—reported on MSNBC’s The Abrams Report that their “sources” (there’s that word again…) tell them that multiple sperm donors were used to conceive Jackson’s two oldest children. Again, another blatantly false report worthy of legal action. It is widely accepted that Celebrity Justice is another tabloid program dealing in spreading unconfirmed stories when it comes to reporting on Jackson. Haven’t they learned anything from the now defunct Hard Copy? I guess not. Moving on. These reports set Jackson so-called “insiders” at odds with each other. Fox news reporter Roger Friedman, a regular Jackson basher, actually says:

“Don’t believe a word of the stories coming out of the United Kingdom about Debbie Rowe suing Michael Jackson for custody of their kids… “Don’t believe all the crazy stories you might have read this past week about who the Santa Barbara County District Attorney is questioning in the Jackson case, or who did what to whom. I will tell you in the coming week some real details about the hidden cast of characters in the Jackson case. Everything I’ve seen so far during my non-MJ week has been off the mark—and I mean, waaay off it!” (see Custody Case Not Happening)

It was reported, before this latest round of ridiculous rumors, that Rowe was “concerned” about the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) involvement (or lackthereof) in Jackson’s life. Whatever “fears” or “concerns” she may have had were said to be assuaged before these latest reports. She was probably told about the real extent of the NOI’s involvement, which is what Jackson’s senior business advisor Charles Koppleman, legal defense attorneys Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman, and the NOI themselves have said since the rumor hit the airwaves. The fact is that Jackson is in total control of his own business affairs and his security firm has highly trained employees, some of whom are members of the NOI. Nothing more. They are not employed to pray, to convert Jackson, or to “take over” Jackson’s life. Actually, some of Jackson’s security members may not even be African American, as evidenced from pictures of some of Jackson’s security at his arraignment Jan 16 (see photo1, photo2, photo3). There has been speculation regarding who may be trying to capitalize off of Jackson’s current troubles, including whispers of unscrupulous people attempting to wrest Neverland, the ATV catalog and Jackson’s children from his possession. Jackson is a very powerful force in business and entertainment. He is also very polite and kind, which some have mistakenly read to be “weakness.” Those people are in for a rude awakening as Jackson has seemed to morph from a mild-mannered “marshmallow” to a ferocious protector of his family, his legacy and his business holdings. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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