Debbie Rowe Mad as Hell about Tabloid Reports

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Report: Jackson’s Kids’ Paternity Questioned Pop Star Faces Molestation Charges, New Troubles POSTED: 5:14 PM PST January 26, 2004 UPDATED: 5:29 PM PST January 26, 2004 LOS ANGELES — Problems continue to mount for Michael Jackson as reports surface challenging paternity of his children and news surfaces that child protective services interviewed Jackson’s kids over the weekend. Already facing child molestation charges, Jackson now finds himself under scrutiny from another camp. Members of the Jackson camp on Monday evening confirmed to NBC4 that this weekend child welfare officials went to Jackson’s Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion and interviewed the pop superstar, his three children and even the nanny. “Michael is protective of his kids, he’s [the] biggest star in the world. … concerned about his kids’ security. He’s a great dad, shouldn’t be subjected to this,” said Stacy Brown, a Jackson family friend. According to Brown, Jackson knew in advance about the child welfare services interviews, but Jackson reportedly feels the interviews amounted to harassment. “[It’s] upsetting to read these reports. … He knows he did nothing wrong. … He worries about invasion of privacy,” said Brown. On a different front, a British tabloid says that Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, has filed legal papers to seek legal custody of Jackson’s children. According to the tabloid, Michael Jackson is not the biological father of two of his three kids and Rowe was artificially inseminated with anonymously donated sperm. [b]In response, Rowe told NBC4 Monday that these claims are “a malicious, pathetic pack of lies.”[/b] In previous interviews, Jackson has claimed that he’s the one who fathered two of his children. Jackson is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 13, at that time the judge will set a date for Jackson’s preliminary hearing. :nav Source: [url=][/url] :nav [url=]Your Comments?[/url]

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