Wacko Ortho Strikes Again – MJEOL Bullet #76

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Wacko Ortho Strikes Again – MJEOL Bullet #76

Maureen Orth just can’t seem to put those tabloids down! In another attempt to get attention for her over-hyped career, ‘Wacko Ortho’ is currently defaming Michael Jackson with another Vanity Fair article.

Remember, this is the same Orth who wrote another Vanity Fair article claiming Jackson put voodoo spells on members of Hollywood. I won’t give a replay of what Orth is claiming as you will probably have the unfounded details foisted upon you in the weeks to come.

Orth derives some of her information from tabloids, such as the National Enquirer – along with loser ex-employees of Jackson, as well as the uncle of the first accuser – and paints a very sinister picture of Jackson. The rehashed garbage dressed up as this year’s “latest news” in the Orth article is said to mostly come courtesy of “unnamed sources” or no source at all.

The disgusting rumors, as she attempts to convict Jackson in the court of public opinion, adds nothing to the public discussion of this case. Her so-called ‘work’ also demeans the credibility of real investigative journalists. It is unclear if Orth has any motivation other than trying to be Jackson’s judge, jury, and executioner based on information that is faulty at best.

Given her history for publishing defamatory articles about Jackson, she may have just put her name on the list of people to sue after this whole mess is cleared up. When the judge slapped a gag order on the people involved in this case, I’m not sure if he considered he would have pseudo-journalists writing pieces about the Jackson case under the guise of an “investigative article,” which only attempts to lend credibility to the accuser and the inaccurate tabloid lies which have floated about since this case began.

What the gag order has done is that it has not allowed Jackson’s attorneys to respond to the nonsensical, rehashed trash in the Orth article as of yet. USA Today, who reported about the article soon to be released from Orth, contacted Jackson attorney Mark Geragos Wednesday (Jan 28). The claims in the Wacko Ortho article are evidently laughable to him. According to USA Today, Geragos says

“he had not read the article. But when Orth’s accusations were described to him, Geragos laughed. “God, I wish I could comment, but I can’t,” he said, citing a court gag order.” (see http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13605, Wack0 Ortho writes another article for Vanity Fair).

Some of what is in her report may be what the family is alleging Jackson did, which is certainly not an indictment of Jackson, but may be used as if it is proof of his guilt. If (more like ‘when’) all of their claims are proven to be false, I will be waiting for Orth to write a retraction piece.

Apparently unashamed of using tabloid sources and lifting other unfounded reports from other members of the media, Orth is currently making the rounds to hype the unfounded rumors (nonsensical garbage is better term), coming from bitter ex-employees, the accusing family, and rags.

Today (Jan 29), she appears on the Today show which is also where tabloid reporter Diane Dimond is purported to be the ‘go to’ person for Jackson “news” recounting, with bated breath, what she was told happened. One could almost feel sorry for her and her career with the last “voodoo curse” article. Now, I feel sorry for the people who will be subjected to more of her so-called ‘work’.

If you want to contact Orth and let you know how you feel, here’s some info: Email the editor of Vanity Fair: vfmail@vf.com I’m sure you won’t be shy about expressing how you feel.


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