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[b]Wine, Kidnapping, Abuse…And No One Called the Police? – MJEOL Bullet #77[/b] What everyone fails to address with the Michael Jackson case is if this family felt trapped in Neverland—which is one of the claims floating around in the media and the reason why the family sought out a civil attorney—why no one called the police. The sordid lies are currently being spurred by a new Wacko Ortho (Maureen Orth of Vanity Fair) article. If one were to believe the family at all, there still has been no satisfactory reason as to why no one involved in the case called the police. The mother did not call the police when she was allegedly being “held hostage” in Neverland or allegedly being “harassed” by Jackson’s people. Instead, she calls Jamie Masada, the man who introduced the accuser to Jackson over two years ago. Are we to believe that her family is being held hostage at Jackson’s home, yet her alleged “captors” allowed her to have access to a telephone? Further, when she gets access to a phone, she doesn’t call the police, but a comedy club owner?? You must be kidding me. Let’s backtrack a bit. Jamie Masada says that he is the one who put the family in touch with Bill Dickerman, a civil attorney, in Feb 2003 because Martin Bashir used the accuser in the final cut of the “documentary” without getting the mother’s written permission. Dickerman, however, is telling a slightly different tale. Dickerman says the family came to him allegedly because they were being “terrorized” by Michael Jackson and his employees. Yeah…ok. After escaping from Neverland and going to see Dickerman, she still didn’t call the police. Dickerman, after hearing her tale, didn’t call the authorities either. To our current understanding, Dickerman says he sent letters to Mark Geragos as early as Feb 2003 concerning the “terrorized” matter. He also says the mother said Jackson was having the family followed and having people take picture of the children at their school. Also being reported is that Jackson moved the family into Neverland and was arranging to have the children educated on the premises. Ah, but look at this contradiction. How can Jackson’s people be taking pictures of the children at their school if they were living at Neverland, being held hostage, and about to be educated on the premises?? You must be kidding me. Dickerman inexplicably puts them in contact with Larry Feldman, the same civil attorney who was involved in the 1993 case, over this “held hostage” allegation. They tell their tale to Feldman as well. Feldman didn’t call the authorities. And the mother didn’t contact the police either. Dickerman, who was allegedly out of the picture by now, didn’t contact the police either. At Feldman’s office, the conversation miraculously went from being “terrorized/trapped in Neverland” to the kid being made to see a therapist—the same therapist that the 1993 accuser saw. These “multiple sessions of therapy” from this high priced therapist was paid for by Larry Feldman. This is allegedly were allegations of molestation were supposedly “dragged out of him [the accuser]” according to tabloid reporter Diane Dimond. You must be kidding me. Finally, allegations of molestation! Feldman hits the jackpot again…or so he thinks. Does he finally call the police? No. The mother, when she allegedly learns that her son may have been molested, still doesn’t call the authorities to press charges. What Feldman does is to hook up with the shrink and run to district attorney Tom Sneddon’s office because he knows Sneddon has been lying in wait for the last 10 years for someone(….anyone…true or not…it doesn’t matter) to accuse Jackson of molestation so he can have another shot at bringing him down. These convoluted tales, weaved by the civil attorneys, comedy club owner Jamie Masada, and this accusing family, don’t add up. If the mother claims she was “trapped in Neverland” she evidently “escaped” some time in Feb., since Dickerman was sending letters to Geragos at that time. However, there were numerous people, including guests, fans, and staff at Neverland who saw these children there—healthy, happy, and having a good time—in the middle of March 2003. Other sources set the family at Jackson’s former home as recently as May 2003. But wait, I thought the claim is that they were being terrorized by Jackson’s people and that they escaped from their alleged captors in February? Maybe they wanted to go back to being held hostage? You must be kidding me. Further, the mother’s divorce attorney Michael Manning, has given interviews in Nov 2003 saying the mother didn’t have a negative word to say about Jackson as recently as April and May of 2003, long after the DA is alleging abuse occurred:

Attorney Michael Manning said Monday he remembers the mother saying positive things about Jackson as recently as April or May. “‘He was really good to us’ that’s what she said at the time,” Manning said. Asked if she had said anything else about Jackson, Manning added, “Nothing bad. … If it turned sour, I don’t know how.” (see [url=]Judge Bars Release of Jackson Jet Tape [/url]).

According to Jackson sources, the mother began to make demands—asking for a new home, after already having a car and an apartment purchased for her—long before any allegations of molestation surfaced. Someone on Jackson’s team obviously thought “something was wrong with this family.” Enter Mark Geragos, who comes into the situation at the very beginning of Feb 2003, before the DA is alleging any abuse happened. He apparently puts a system in place to protect Jackson from being taken advantage of by these people. It is reported that this system protected Jackson by making sure that there was a third party present at all times when this family was at Neverland. It may not have protected Jackson from the allegations, but it could provide evidence as to Jackson’s factual innocence. Brian Oxman, long time Jackson family attorney, appeared on Fox news early last year shedding some light on just who is present when children are at Neverland:

“ …They always have a female attendant present. What Martin Bashir didn’t show you, was the female attendants or the adult attendants who were present. Michael has them there to protect not only the children but himself as well” (see [url=] Investigators: Allegations Against Jackson Unfounded[/url]).

If you prefer not to take Jackson’s word for it, you have to ask yourself where Jackson would have had the time or opportunity to molest this accuser. Further, you’d have to believe he would have the gall to START this molestation after already knowing the accuser for two years prior. You would have to believe he would start molesting this accuser after threats were made by the mother of going to the tabloids, after he hired Mark Geragos, after the world was on his ass about his behavior with children, and during/after the very same family was being investigated by Child Protective Services for allegations of molestation. That investigation found the allegations to be totally “unfounded.” During the Child Services investigation, the mother, the sister, the accuser and the accuser’s brother all told CPS workers, on more than one occasion, that Jackson has never done anything to the accuser, never slept in the same bed with the accuser, and was like a father to all of the children:

As per the sexual abuse allegations, the mother stated that her children are never left alone with the entertainer. She further stated that her son has slept in the same room as the entertainer but they did not share a bed. The entertainer would sleep on the floor. “The child [the accuser] was interviewed by the CSW as to the allegations and he denied any form of sexual abuse. He denied that he ever slept in the same bed as the entertainer. The child [the accuser] also denied sexual abuse. Both children expressed a fondness for the entertainer and stated they enjoyed visiting his home, where they would often ride in the park, play video games, and watch movies. The oldest sibling [accuser’s sister] was also interviewed by CSW. She stated that she had accompanied her brothers on sleepovers at the entertainer’s home and have never seen anything sexually inappropriate between her brothers and the entertainer.” (see [url=]Abuse Allegations Against Jackson Unfounded[/url])

These are the word coming out of their own mouths when they were all investigated right during the time that the mother is now alleging that they were “held hostage” at Neverland. And not one of the family members, who were interviewed separately from each other, made any allegations as to anything being “wrong” with the accuser’s relationship with Jackson, nor being “trapped” at Neverland. Did it just slip their minds? You must be kidding me. Another allegation circulating the press is that Jackson gave the accuser wine, and put it in a soda can. Now, Jackson is, according to the prosecution, alone with this accuser and plying him—a cancer patient who is probably on medication, with no spleen and one kidney—with wine. Why would he need to put this alleged wine in a soda can? No one is around, according to the story, so that Jackson can molest him. Why the secrecy when there is no one there to see? It simply does not make any sense. Further, these “wine” allegations supposedly happened on or around March 10. There are adult witnesses at Neverland on those dates–some of whom also stayed over at Neverland–saw this accuser happy, laughing, not intoxicated, and having a good time. On top of all of this, the mother evidently thinks Jackson is providing alcohol to minors and she still didn’t call the police. You must be kidding me. Maureen Orth and Vanity Fair—who are highlighting these unfounded allegations–may have gotten away with this kind of defamatory nonsense before, but they are currently wide open for a massive lawsuit. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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