Jermaine Jackson hits back at Vanity Fair, MSNBC

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[b]Jermaine Jackson hits back at Vanity Fair[/b] By Stacy Brown Updated: 5:56 p.m. ET Jan. 29, 2004 Stacy Brown, a Jackson family friend who is acting as a consultant on the case for MSNBC TV, conducted this interview with Jermaine Jackson.The brother of troubled pop star Michael Jackson struck back today at a Vanity Fair story that said Jackson supplied his young accuser with wine in Coke cans and that Jackson has been treated for drug abuse. Jermaine Jackson said the article is full of lies. [b]MSNBC:[/b] What’s your reaction to the Vanity Fair story? [b]JACKSON:[/b] I haven’t read the entire story, I’ve only been told some of the things in it and I’m angry. [b]MSNBC:[/b] What are you most angry about? The story contends that Michael supplied his accuser with wine and that Michael was himself addicted to Morphine and Demerol. [b]JACKSON:[/b] It’s the most ridiculous thing. This person (Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth) doesn’t even know Michael. Everybody is trying to take advantage of Michael. Kick him when he’s down. [b]MSNBC:[/b] Is any of it true? Any part of the article? [b]JACKSON:[/b] Totally false. A big lie. I guess they want me to put on my militant hat and really get angry. Things are made up every day about my brother. The thing about it is that he doesn’t bother anyone. He stays to himself. [b]MSNBC:[/b] The article also names Myung-Ho Lee, Michael’s former advisor, as a source. Why would Mr. Lee say these things? [b]JACKSON:[/b] Everyone has an axe to grind. It seems every time Michael fires someone or they move on to something else, they sue or at least have something negative to say. Michael has treated all of his employees well, which makes it all the more repulsive when they lie about him. [b]MSNBC:[/b] What about the nicknames such as “Rubba,” in which it is alleged that Michael used to call the boy and the accuser in the 1993 case? [b]JACKSON:[/b] You know what, there was a guy that used to head our security team and he had what we thought was a lot of meat behind his neck so we called him Rubba or Rubba Neck. It’s an expression that we’ve all used. I’m not saying that he used it with this young man but it wouldn’t surprise me if people have heard Michael or any of us use that expression. [b]MSNBC:[/b] Will there be an official response to any of this? [b]JACKSON:[/b] Dr. Firpo Carr, our family spokesman, will host a press conference with myself and some family members at our Hayvenhurst home (Friday) at 10 a.m. :nav Source: [url=][/url] :nav [url=]Your Comments?[/url]

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