Media Spin Out of Control in Wake of Gag Order

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[b]THE MICHAEL JACKSON CHRONICLES: Michael Media Spin Out of Control[/b] By Tanya Kersey-Henley January 30, 2004 With a gag order in place, the prosecutor and defense attorneys involved in the Michael Jackson child molestation case have been effectively muzzled. In the absence of ‘real’ news from ‘real’ sources, the media has run amok. This week alone, more than a half dozen “bombshell” revelations, “shocking” stories and “startling” new allegations have surfaced in the news media. The woefully tainted barrage of irresponsible reporting has run the gamut from a Vanity Fair story filled with tales of harassment, kidnapping, drug addiction and sneaking wine to kids in Coke cans and calling it ‘Jesus Juice,’ to death threats and stories about disappearing caretakers. Then there’s the story that broke in the U.K. about Debbie Rowe suing Jackson for custody of their kids, and the baby daddy drama questioning Jackson’s biological parentage. The media’s endless stream of unsubstantiated stories based largely on unnamed and unquoted sources are systematically crucifying Jackson in the court of public opinion. Wake up America! Don’t let the media spin fool you. This is much ado about ratings and money. Today’s profit-driven news organizations are under enormous pressure to boost ratings by sensationalizing the news and focusing their attention on lurid, highly emotional stories. Michael Jackson has become a means to an end in the battle for news (real, imagined or totally fabricated) to lure viewers and readers. :nav [url=]Read FULL Article[/url] :nav [url=]Your Comments?[/url]

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