Shocking Revelations from Ed Bradley about Accusing Family- AUDIO

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[b][size=5]Audio Downloads[/size][/b] * Feb 4 2004 – [color=CC0000]CNN[/color] [i]Larry King Live[/i]: [b]Ed Bradley[/b] makes some shocking revelations about this accusing family’s behavior in Feb 2003, when the DA is alleging abuse occurred. Notes: Bradley says “…In fact, the kid who is now charging him and his mother were there that day[Feb 2003 when he was originally to interview Jackson]. And we sat in the kitchen having coffee and donuts and sodas. And his mother and the kids said they were willing to go on television to say what a great person Michael Jackson was… “The kid was in the documentary…I was shocked that that was the kid because both the child and his mother were praising Michael and were sitting there in his kitchen eating and saying what a great person he was.” More info coming in an MJEOL Bullet…but until then, listen for yourself. :nav [url=]MJEOL Downloads![/url] :nav [url=]Transcript[/url] :ohmy

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