Geraldine Hughes’ ‘Redemption’ Being Sabotaged?- Bullet #79

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Geraldine Hughes’ ‘Redemption’ Being Sabotaged? – MJEOL Bullet #79 There have been a slew of recent complaints from people who pre-ordered Geraldine Hughes’ book [b][u]Redemption[/u][/b] from The book is an incredibly shocking, documented insight proving that the 1993 molestation allegation against Jackson was born out of extortion. Hughes was the sole, legal secretary for Barry Rothman, Even Chandler’s attorney (father of the 1993 accuser). The complaints were spurred by email messages sent to customers who ordered the public, stating that they were unable to fulfill their orders. However, Hughes says:

“retailers are giving us a hard time about carrying it [the book]. My publisher is following up complaints of this…We were even told that the pre-orders have to be reordered because they’ve [Barnes&Noble] cancelled them. Please pray for a breakthrough and that all closed doors be opened.”

Are retailers intentionally sabotaging her book because it helps to exonerate Jackson of wrongdoing? Indeed, Barnes&Noble once carried the book by proven Jackson obsessed nut Victor Gutierrez with no problem. Gutierrez was successfully sued by Jackson for defamation of character after the 1993 case. It seems highly suspicious that there would be a “problem” with certain retailers carrying her documented proof of strange goings-on between the 1993 accuser’s father, their attorney, the boy’s dentist—who injected him with the hypnotic drug sodium amytal, and the courts. From our research, there has never been a problem with them carrying a book written by a former employee of Jackson’s, filled with speculation and innuendo of Jackson being guilty of molestation. So why the problem with Hughes’ book? Hughes’ book, however, mentions a taped conversation in which Evan Chandler is promising to destroy Jackson’s career if he didn’t get what he wanted. What he wanted was $20Million broken into 4 movie deals, each worth $5Million. The details are astonishing. She gives information about the court motions, from documented court records, showing Jackson’s defense loosing motions that should have been granted by the judge in the 1993 case. This same judge has since been on cable and network programs talking about how guilty he thinks Jackson is of molestation, with absolutely not proof either before him in 1993 or now. The attitude of that 1993 judge may be why some of Jackson’s team recommended a settlement at the time. Jackson, in fact, did pressed extortion charges against both Rothman, the attorney, and Chandler, the accuser’s father, in 1993. According to sources, the extortion charges weren’t investigated fully and the police didn’t take them seriously because this was the same office who was investigating Jackson for the molestation allegation. Much more information is present in Hughes’ book. This suspiciously sounds like sabotage, but time will tell. You can always order the book directly from the publishers, Branch & Vine: :nav Ajalon Press Store or from :nav ( One customer says the book won’t ship until Feb 23th, over a week after Jackson’s next court appearance.) [b]ISBN:[/b] 1576880362 Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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