Accuser’s Mother Spent Time in Mental Hospital – Court Docs say

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[i]We have always suggested that if some enterprising journalist could look past their “Jackson-is-guilty” asinine stance long enough to investigate the other side of the case, they could very well make a name for themselves reporting about the way Jackson is being set up. Could that be Roger Friedman?? I’m not ready to bet on it, but he does provide some insight in his latest column.[/i] [b]Accuser’s Mom Was in Mental Hospital[/b] Thursday, February 05, 2004 By Roger Friedman The mother of Michael Jackson’s 12-year-old accuser spent time in a mental hospital in 1998, according to court documents filed by the woman’s ex-husband. The court papers are from the mother’s ongoing bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, who filed an affidavit with Los Angeles Superior Court on January 28, 2004. I’ve seen the papers. In them, the father — a union member who says he’s currently taking part in the supermarket worker strike in Los Angeles — claims that his wife spent time at the Kaiser Permanente Mental Health facility in downtown L.A. in 1998. He does not specify how much time she spent there… The father — who was accused by his ex-wife of domestic abuse during their divorce — paints a picture of his ex-wife as an unstable woman who has convinced her children to make up stories in other situations that might benefit them. [b]The father also claims in his affidavit that his ex-wife coached their kids to lie in her case against J.C. Penney — in which she ultimately won $163,000 in damages. “She would write questions and answers for the kids,” he writes, “to study and practice with her.” I am also told by sources involved directly with the parents’ case that depositions exist which could cast an even worse light on the mother. Apparently, the mother and her three children told lawyers in the J.C. Penney lawsuit that they were never abused by the father, contradicting their other statements…[/b] According to court papers, the mother went back into Family Court on March 11, 2003 to have her child support payments increased to $1,499 a month — almost double what she’d been receiving up until then. The date of the mother’s demand for more money from her ex-husband is interesting in that she filed for emergency help on March 3, 2003. Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon’s charges against Jackson are seven counts of child molestation between Feb. 6 and March 10. The sudden need for more money seems to coincide with the family’s ouster from Neverland after a year-and-a-half of living off Jackson’s largesse… :nav [url=]Read FULL Article[/url] :nav [url=]Your Comments?[/url]

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