Rivera Outs Jamie Masada- AUDIO DOWNLOAD Feb 7 2004

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Feb 7 2004: Geraldo Rivera outs Jamie Masada. Masada DOES NOT know Michael Jackson, never met him or talked to him. He DID NOT “introduce” the accuser to Michael Jackson. Rivera really lays into Masada for telling these ‘sob’ stories he’s been telling the press, and allowing members of the media to infer things that are untrue. Armstrong Williams (yes, THAT Armstrong Williams) spoke to Michael today as well. He is one of Michael’s official spokesman right now. He says Mike was upbeat and has made some changes to his management team etc. …and MUCH more! [b]AUDIO DOWNLOAD[/b] :nav [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=7&lid=48]Rivera: Armstrong Williams; Rivera outs Jamie Masada 2-7-04 [/url] approx. 15min More about this in an MJEOL Bullet :ohmy :crackingup

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