Rivera Outs Masada, Jackson Mad as Hell – Bullet #81

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Rivera Outs Masada, Jackson Mad as Hell – MJEOL BULLET #81 Geraldo Rivera outed Jamie Masada last night (Feb 7) who appeared on his show via satellite. Jamie Masada is the man who claims to have introduced the accuser to Michael Jackson. Masada has also allowed other reporters to assume and imply to their audiences that he had a friendship with Jackson. That friendship, it turns out, is non-existent. Rivera asked Masada if he’s ever even met Jackson and Masada admitted that he has not. What is even more unbelievable is that Rivera may be the only interviewer that even asked whether or not Masada knows Jackson. This is highly important information because Masada has been elevated to the status of a ‘friend-of-Jackson’s-who-feels-betrayed’ by the media. His story has been run on news programs and papers all around the world under the guise of being a Jackson insider. Rivera also confronted Masada about his claims that he introduced Jackson to the accuser. Rivera, who spoke directly with Jackson via telephone Feb 7, says that Jackson was in fact introduced to this accuser through the Make-A-Wish foundation. If you remember, Masada was claiming that he is the one that introduced the accuser to Jackson by calling Neverland. When Rivera questions Masada about whom it was he talked to, Masada appears dodgy and says he doesn’t know the name of the person he talked to at Neverland. Armstrong Williams, conservative commentator who appeared via telephone, has said that the media should be careful who they allow to have airtime to discuss this Jackson case: “…the media is willing to give people like Masada credibility because they assume he’s [Masada] close to Michael Jackson.” Williams also tears into Masada’s credibility and says that Jackson is sick and tired of unauthorized people speaking on his behalf:

“There’s so many people running around claiming they’re close to Michael, claiming they introduced him to different kinds of people. Like you, I spoke with Mr. Jackson earlier today at length. He has no idea who this guy is. He’s never spoken to him [Masada] in his life. Obviously, you have outed this guy like many others who are running around here speaking in the name of Michael Jackson…And this Jamie Masada does not know Michael Jackson. That’s why he’s struggling with you on the air because he knows that you’ve outed him. He has no relationship with [Jackson]..”

Williams also reiterates that media’s responsibility to be mindful of whom they dole out airtime to regarding the Jackson case. He says:

“We should be mindful of the sources we put on the air, and make sure that their credibility is intact before we give them airtime to run around making these allegations about Michael Jackson, which you’ve just shown to be absolutely not true.”

Jackson Mad As Hell? What may have spurred Jackson to speak out are recent reports from so-called “friends of the family” who appeared on cable news shows spreading falsehoods about Jackson and his family. Jackson released a statement to MSNBC Feb 6, after these so-called “friends of the family” spouting more nonsense about the Nation of Islam. In the statement, Jackson says

“…Let me state for the record, this is not true. There is no ‘rift’…If my friends love me as much as they’ve indicated, then they’d do me a great favor by not being so eager to air their personal concerns about me in the media, which will avoid causing me further embarrassment” (see [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=462]Jackson Denies ‘rift’ between he and family members [/url]).

Williams says:

“Listen, Michael Jackson is just sick and tired of people running around speaking in his name and telling untruths. I mean, this man is under a lot of pressure. He has some very serious allegations against him. He wants people there speaking for him who really knows him.

When Williams spoke to Jackson, he says Jackson was “very upbeat…spirited.” He says Jackson appears very strong and he told Williams that he was in charge and “running things.” Jackson also says he now has a publicist he trusts and Jackson has taken control of his affairs instead of allowing other people to make “recommendations”:

“For the first time, he has a publicist that he trusts, Raymone Bains. He realized that a lot of people around him have exploited him. He’s taken back control of his life because he feels it’s his credibility, and his reputation, his livelihood on the line. And he’s gonna start running things because he’s the best person to do it.”

As for the Nation of Islam, Williams says that Jackson feels “they’ve done good, but there’s no question in my mind, during my conversation with him, that a lot of things have changed.” Williams admits he thinks Jackson will make some drastic decisions:

“I think that some heads are gonna roll. I think he’s bringing in a new management team. I think you may even be shocked about some of the decisions he’s probably made for what’s in his best interest in the future as it relates to these allegations against him.”

Media’s Laziness Didn’t Catch Masada’s Deception Masada, who has previously claimed he’s had death threats, has a credibility problem by misleading many in the media who have given his airtime. Thus, Masada’s media interviews are only to further the allegations of the accusing family and to attempt to gain public sympathy in hopes of swaying the potential jury pool. Outrageous behavior? Rivera certainly thinks so. Masada has appeared on his show a number of times and not once ever volunteered the fact that he does not even know Michael Jackson or admitted that never “introduced” the accuser to Jackson. Just why are so many alleged “Jackson insiders” allowed to spout garbage about him, unquestioned? Only the media can answer that question for sure. My opinion is that some are too lazy to do actual research which involves something other than getting third-hand gossip from disgruntled employees. Others are actually being mislead and spoon-fed lies from people who have been less than candid about who and what they know about the situation. Masada, as we’ve come to find out, has been nothing more than an unofficial spokesman for the accusing family. It is this deception that Rivera dislikes most. Rivera says “It’s about people who pretend to have knowledge and an association they do not possess.” Listen to the audio version of the interview: :nav [url=http://site.mjeol.com/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?cid=7&lid=48]Rivera: Armstrong Williams; Rivera outs Jamie Masada 2-7-04 approx. 15min [/url] :nav [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=13927]Your Comments?[/url]

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