Jackson Attorneys Annoyed by Rumors–Bullet #86

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Jackson Attorneys Annoyed by Rumors – MJEOL Bullet #86 Ben Brafman blasted “annoying” rumors today (Feb 13) that Jackson attorney, Mark Geragos, is leaving the case. Brafman asserts that the people spreading this nonsense have an agenda to push and are trying to be disruptive. Brafman says:

“I’ve spent most of my week just telling people that Mr. Geragos is here. He’s here to stay. We’re co-lead counsel. And I think people who are spreading rumors to the contrary are simply doing it for selfish reasons or have their own agenda.

In an obvious but inferred reference to so-called Jackson family friends who have appeared on MSNBC whining about Geragos leaving the case, Brafman also says those who have been speaking about Geragos’s departure are not speaking for Michael Jackson himself in any capacity. He says:

“They are not speaking for Mr. Jackson. They are not speaking for anyone who is authorizing them to say that.”

Brafman, obviously irritated with having to repeatedly set the record straight, also says,

“And I think it’s annoying. It’s taking up our time and it’s getting to be a pain in the neck. So I think people who say that should just stop saying it.

Speaking to Dan Abrams afterwards, Brafman reiterated his previous statements about Geragos. When asked why so many people continue to speculate about their plans, Brafman replies: “I don’t know. There are…there’s a Jackson-rumor-a-minute in this case. Most of them are completely baseless. They’re made up.” Brafman also commented on the media’s eagerness to report unfounded rumors before getting the entire story. He says:

“It doesn’t take much, apparently, to get it [the rumors] in print or on the air. So I’ve spent a lot of time this week telling people—and I’m telling you again—that Mark and I are co-lead counsel. He’s in the case to stay. And I think people who are suggesting otherwise are just trying to be disruptive.”

In response to another asinine and unfounded rumor beginning to circulate the press about Jackson’s attorneys being asked to “discount” their high fees, Mark Geragos actually starts laughing out loud, probably at the ridiculousness of that rumor. Brafman responds by saying:

“Let me answer that question if I can in serious fashion with a hint of humor. I did not come here from 3,000 miles away to discount my bill for professional services. Thank you very much.”

Both Abrams and the host in the studio seemed to be in agreement that there is no pro bono work being done by these two high-powered and high-priced attorneys on Jackson’s behalf, basically squashing that rumor in it’s tracks. You can listen to Mr. Brafman’s comments, along with Dan Abrams comments about what happened today, in the MJEOL DOWNLOADS section! -MJEOL

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