Media Subdued at Jackson Hearing – Bullet #85

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Media Subdued at Jackson Hearing – MJEOL Bullet #85 Michael Jackson’s attorneys, Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman, were in court today to discuss very serious matters involving this “case” against Jackson. In most of the on-air reports, the correspondents for various news networks made reference to Jackson not attending and compared this day to the day of Jackson’s arraignment. At one point, Celebrity Justice drone Jane Valez-Mitchel was talking about “electricity” being in the air during the arraignment, almost in nostalgic fashion. Valez-Mitchel also was at the Neverland get-together after that hearing despite some of her colleagues ranting about how “inappropriate” it was to have a “party” after an arraignment. Yeah right. No doubt Jackson appearing at the hearing today would have “forced” all of the cable news networks to have live, 6 hour coverage just on this case. Not to mention the endless, unfounded speculation from any number of spotlight-seeking leeches like Ernie Rizzo, Jim Thomas, and the Celebrity Justice drones. Some whiny media rumor mongers are already spreading the theory that Jackson didn’t show up because of a “PR stunt” to appear more “serious” about the case. Unfortunately, some want it both ways: they want to bash Jackson for appearing and they want to whine about a “PR stunt” when he doesn’t appear. Before you open those email programs to send in your hate emails blasting their stupidity, at least finish reading this MJEOL Bullet. Some reporters appeared downright subdued which is in complete contrast to most of their behavior at Jackson’s arraignment. There were no reporters on the roof of the courthouse, no media helicopters tailing Jackson from Neverland to the courthouse, and no inane reports about what Jackson was wearing. In most of the press reports surfacing so far, details about the arraignment in January have taken up more than a couple of lines. Lamenting the good ole’ days of the media-labeled “circus” will probably continue through the day. Also, in an effort to downplay the turnout of fans who showed up outside the courtroom today, some press reports have actually admitted the number of fans that showed up at Jackson’s previous court date:

“Unlike the circus-like atmosphere surrounding last month’s arraignment, at which more than 3,000 fans packed the streets, singing and chanting, only about two dozen fans showed up at the courthouse Friday.” (see Judge Delays Ruling in Jackson Case).

If you remember reports back in January, not one outlet was willing to report the obvious, which is that thousands (not hundreds) of fans were outside of the courthouse that day. Jackson equals ratings and the disappointment was written on the faces of many a “journalist”. Stay tuned for more info about today’s proceedings. You can listen to Ben Brafman & Mark Geragos speak to the media after the hearing today in the MJEOL DOWNLOADS section! -MJEOL

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