Singer’s attorney says he’s aiming for December

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[b]Singer’s attorney says he’s aiming for December [/b] By Norma Meyer COPLEY NEWS SERVICE February 14, 2004 [b]Jackson attorney Mark Geragos said he was aiming for December and later added, “Obviously, the client wants to get this done as quickly as possible.” [/b] The sedate courthouse scene contrasted starkly to the King of Pop’s chaotic Jan. 16 arraignment… [b]Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville postponed setting the date for the preliminary hearing until April 2, after Geragos said he had just received 400 pages of documents from prosecutors.[/b]… [b]The judge also asked the defense and prosecution for ways to modify his gag order so lawyers can quell rumors. Geragos complained that according to the latest gossip, he’s been “fired and rehired five times.” [/b]… :nav [url=]Read FULL Article[/url]

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