Jackson Rips Into Media Rumors – MJEOL Bullet #88

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Jackson Rips Into Media Rumors – MJEOL Bullet #88 Michael Jackson has written a letter addressing an appearance of Stacy Brown and Firpo Carr on a previous episode of MSNBC’s The Abrams Report. In it, he blasts recent rumors from those who have taken it upon themselves to air their unfounded or misguided concerns in the media. This letter was partly sparked by Jackson family friend and MSNBC analyst Stacy Brown appearing on The Abrams Report publicly chastising him for not calling his mother, something Brown may have been mistaken about. To clarify, neither Stacy Brown nor Firpo Carr are spokesman for Michael Jackson, nor are they authorized to spread information about Jackson by any member of Jackson’s team. He is a friend of certain family members, but Brown’s relationship to them has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. During Abram’s show today (Feb 16), Brown explained that he spoke with Raymone Bains, Jackson’s new spokesperson. He admits that he understood the concern with the airing of private information, like telephone calls, but he never actually apologizes on air to Jackson for it. In the letter, Jackson writes:

As if there isn’t enough to be concerned about, the media is now being used as the appropriate venue by some for airing out personal family disagreements. I was appalled when I read the transcript from the Feb 9 2004 ‘The Abrams Report’.

That’s the show in which Brown and Carr whined about the Nation of Islam being involved with Jackson. For months, if you remember, it was reported that some of the Jackson family members brought in the Nation of Islam. Now, apparently, the family wants them out; as if they have the authority to make that decision. His panel included Natasha Lapiner-Gresi, criminal defense attorney John Burris, and former DA Norm Early. Lapiner-Gresi says she had the opportunity to read the letter and it does not contain anything that violates the judge’s gag order. In fact, the host, Abrams, says he respects Jackson’s decision to try to debunk some of the falsities in the media. Every member of the panel agrees with this assessment. The show covered a number of reports, including Debbie Rowe blasting the NY Post for their recent article which attempts to explain-away the rabid reports claiming Rowe was about to file papers seeking custody of Michael Jackson’s two oldest children. When that did not pan out, they attempted to cover their collective asses by now claiming she and Jackson reaches some sort of hush-hush deal. Sources close to her say that she has flatly denied that she wants custody of the children. Also addressed on the show was the boy, who is now 18 years old, cited in the defamatory Vanity Fair article. The 18 year old has given interviews, furious that he has been used to defame Jackson, in which he sets the record straight. The young man, who met Jackson when he was 12 in Japan, does not mince words and calls the Vanity Fair report lies. Needless to say, Celebrity Justice drone Jane Valez-Mitchell and Court TV hack Lisa Bloom have come out on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country (Feb 16) to try to spin this young man’s story and to get Maureen Orth off the hook for reporting erroneous and maliciously incorrect information. For the record, neither Bloom nor Valez-Mitchell have met this young man, have ever spoken to him or his father, and do not know what happened. The author of the Vanity Fair article released a statement today admitting that she never actually spoke to either the young man or his father before writing the article. She stands by her source for the article, who is described as a disgruntled former employee of Jackson’s who has an ax to grind. Why she would want to stand by the report could only be because she wants to save face. Look for the media to attempt to ignore this and rush to speculate about Jackson’s children. You will, however, read more about this in a later MJEOL Bullet. :nav You can listen to the audio of Abrams Report in the MJEOL DOWONLOADS section. :navRead the [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=14228]Transcript[/url] in the Transcripts & Statements forum. -MJEOL

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