Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article – Bullet #89

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Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article – MJEOL Bullet #89

The boy, who is 18 now, cited in the latest defamatory Vanity Fair(VF) article by Maureen Orth – also known as Wack0 Orth0 by some of Jackson’s fans – has spoken out. In an interview with NBC’s Mike Taibbi, Richard Matsuura,the young man, tells the reporter that the Vanity Fair allegations are “completely false.”

The VF article claimed Matsuura was given wine in a soda can by Jackson’s people. There was much speculation if this young man would be used buy the prosecution to corroborate this current accuser’s allegation. Matsuura, who was 12 at the time, says that Jackson never said or did anything inappropriate to him whatsoever.

When asked how much of the VF article was true, Matsuura says:

“Absolutely zero. Besides the fact of Michael Jackson coming to Japan in 98 and actually giving a press conference about this theme park business, all of the other allegations and statements made about his trip to Japan in 98 are completely false, completely false.” (see Abrams Report Jackson letter – TRANSCRIPT).

Matsuura was also asked point blank if he was contacted by anyone from Jackson’s team or given any money to speak out for Jackson. He says that he has not been paid nor contacted by JacksonÂ’s team.

In fact, he says, “I could open my bank account records for everybody. No money, no, not at all”. Now with the young man blasting the erroneous information, prosecution sympathizers are trying unsuccessfully to spin his story.

Celebrity Justice drone Jane Valez-Mitchel and Court TV hack Lisa Bloom appeared on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country (Feb 16) claiming that Matsuura’s denials don’t mean anything to this current case.

However, these same two women, as well as many other media pundits, were using this young man–and the false information in the VF article–as a means for which to speculatively corroborate at least two of the DA’s charges against Jackson: namely the ones involving intoxicating substances.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable because if Matsuura had confirmed the VF story, these same two women would be heralding it on any and every show who would so much as give them two minutes to spread it.

Matsuura’s comments very much matter. Anyone saying anything to the contrary are kidding themselves and trying to mislead the public about the severity of damage this has done to the prosecution’s case if they were depending on him for corroboration.


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