Accusing Family Cleared Jackson More than Once – Bullet #95 Update

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Accusing Family Cleared Jackson More than Once – MJEOL Bullet #95 Update

First we found out the accusing family was investigated by Child Services right during the time the Santa Barbara DA is alleging “abuse” took place. The investigation–which found these very same molestation allegations to be unfounded–included statements from every member of the accusing family, saying Jackson never molested the accuser, never slept in the same bed as him or his brother, and was never alone with him. (see Allegations “Unfounded” Memo). Then came the revelation from 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley saying that when he went to interview Jackson in Feb 2003 after the Bashir documentary aired, he sat in Jackson’s kitchen at Neverland listening to this same family praising Jackson.


They were even willing to go on camera to defend Jackson:

BRADLEY: Oh, yes. In fact, the kid who is now charging him and his mother were there that day.

KING: Really?

BRADLEY: We sat in the kitchen having coffee and doughnuts and sodas and his mother and the kids said they were willing to go on television to say what a great person Michael Jackson was. (see Larry King-Bradley’s shocking revelations abt. accusing family)

Now comes more information about more statements clearing Jackson straight from the mouths of the same accusing family. Jackson’s former videographer, Christian Robinson, was interviewed by Cynthia McFadden before he was notified that he is a potential witness in the case (see Former Jackson Videographer: Accuser’s Family Declared Pop Star Innocent).

Robinson, who shot video footage questioning the family about the allegations, says that they all didn’t mince words when talking about Jackson’s innocence. Robinson specifically asked repeatedly if Jackson did anything wrong:

Yeah. I asked. And they answered, and they were very up front and they, of course, said absolutely not. All of them, every single one.

Robinson says he told them to be truthful probably more than “30 times” during the taped conversation. He says this constant asking for the truth may have even angered them:

You know Id ask them one thing and its almost like they were getting mad at me, why are you asking us this, this is Michael is innocent

According to the videographer, they were all passionate in their defense of Jackson. Remember, the Robinson video was shot after the heavily edited Bashir documentary aired on US television, which again is right when the DA is now claiming “abuse” happened.

According to reports, some of this alleged “abuse” was also witnessed by the accuser’s brother. He, too, was defending Jackson to Bradley, Robinson, and Child Services. Robinson says that their passionate denials helped to convince him of Jackson’s innocence. He also says the family was definitely not coached, as has been reported by some prosecution sympathizers:

I will tell you this, the family was not coached. The family was incredibly passionate, not just the accuser and his family, but the other two siblings. There were tears, they were holding hands, they were talking about Jesus and God and Michael as the ultimate father figure.

Some prosecution sympathizers may also claim the mother didn’t know “abuse” had occurred at that time. However, this doesn’t explain why she went to civil attorney Larry Feldman. If the mother is going to feign ignorance of the alleged “abuse” during the time when they were defending Jackson, it doesn’t explain why the accuser was made to see the exact same therapist the 1993 accuser saw before any allegations of molestation were ever made. It is unclear how the conversation with Feldman jumped from one concerning whatever they initially went to him for, to the accuser having sessions with that same therapist in which alleged allegations arose.

Even the interviewer, Cynthia McFadden, commented to Entertainment Tonight after her interview that:

“It isn’t possible that this family was telling the truth when they sat down with this videographer and that they’re telling the truth now. Both things can’t be true.” (see VIDEO of the ET report)

Further, Jamie Masada was making the rounds on various news programs last year and this year proclaiming that the mother says she and her family was being “held hostage” at Neverland Feb – March 2003. However, they made no mention of being “held hostage” to Robinson, to Bradley, or to Child Services.

Masada, at one point, appeared on the Abrams Report (Jan 22) saying the mother went to the first lawyer, Bill Dickerman, because allegedly she didn’t want this to happen to another kid:

ABRAMS: Mr. Masada, what about you?

MASADA: Yes. What about what? I’m sorry. I didn’t hear.

ABRAMS: I’m sorry. About Mark Geragos’…

MASADA: Right.

ABRAMS: … claims that, you know, this is a family that is only leveling these accusations against Michael Jackson in the hope of a big payday at the end of this case.

MASADA: I think that’s wrong because of the time – first time I took them to Mr. Dickerman and I took them up there to talk to Mr. Dickerman, and Mr. Dickerman at that point asked them what do you want, the mother, if he wants the money, would have said money, and she said I want that doesnt happen to another kids. And thats—I believe what the mother says and I still believe in what the mother says. [sic] (see Abrams Report – Jamie Masada talks about mother knowing).

Now, wait a minute! How can she claim she didn’t know abuse had occurred when she was praising and defending Jackson earlier this year, AND go to a civil attorney because she allegedly didn’t want “abuse” to happen to another kid?? Someone is clearly not telling the truth.

And considering that these miraculous molestation allegations were made after the family was ejected from the Jackson gravy train, it’s not at stretch even for the average person to notice something is definitely wrong with the story now being told by the family. :camera You can watch video of the ABC report in the MJEOL DOWNLOADS section.


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