Jackson Causing a Stir at Walmart LOL–Bullet #96 Update

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Jackson Causing a Stir at Walmart – MJEOL Bullet #96 Update Michael Jackson, on vacation and trying to get a taste of “regular” life, went to a Colorado Walmart. It seems that even the way in which he did it was too much for some people to handle. Jackson, not wanting to be recognized because he was without security, entered Walmart with his driver wearing a ski mask. An employee of the store called the police because he/she didn’t know it was Jackson. All he/she saw were two men wearing ski masks. Ok…ok…stop laughing! The brotha is cute, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience in shopping with regular folk. Glenwood Springs, Co Lt. Bill Kimminau called MSNBC to explain what happened. Kimminau says the entire incident only lasted about 5 minutes. Evidently Jackson left the store before the police arrived because the car was pulled over a couple of blocks from Walmart. Once the officer determined that no crime was committed and ran the ID revealing it was Jackson, he let them go about their business. Jackson spokeswoman Raymone Bain says, “The police car pulled to the side and just asked that he show his face, and he did, and that was it. There was no altercation or any kind of encounter.” It was not a big deal, but look for at least some in the media to try to play up the story. However, what is so hilarious about this story is that according to the media, former employees, ex-wives etc., Jackson is being controlled and/or held prisoner by the Nation of Islam. Wait a minute! There were no Nation of Islam security with him during his shopping trip to Walmart, so how can that be the case? It should now be totally obvious to naysayers that Jackson is not being controlled, or being kept from doing things he wants to do, by anyone. You can see video of Lt. Bill Kimminau’s conversation in the MJEOL DOWNLOADS section. LOL :smile -MJEOL

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