Jim Thomas Part of Firestone Transition Team;Slick Garner Ran Against Firestone

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Supervisor-elect Brooks Firestone Announces Transition Team March 23, 2004 Supervisor-elect Brooks Firestone today announced the formation of a Transition Team to help prepare a smooth transition in January when he will replace Gail Marshall as Third District Supervisor. Firestone’s Transition Team will assist in interfacing with Santa Barbara County Government and its policy formation process. Transition Team members will not only attend various Board of Supervisors and related commission meetings, but will also meet with interested members of organizations which play a vital role in the community. Parker Montgomery, finance chair of the campaign, will be the Chair of the Transition Team and Dave Smyser, Mayor of Solvang, will be its Executive Director. “We are going to use this ten month period between the election and the inauguration to the maximum advantage. There are very few officeholders anywhere in the nation that have such a long transition period and we intend to make the most of it,” said Dave Smyser, Executive Director. In accordance with California campaign finance law, the Transition Team is considered part of the recent campaign and as such must report all contributions and expenditures. Mr. Montgomery said, “We welcome additional financial contributions to pay campaign debt and the cost of the transition. And, of course, we welcome ideas which can turn the energy of the campaign into constructive actions.” The members of the Firestone Transition Team are: Parker Montgomery (Chair), Dave Smyser (Executive Director), Tish Beltranena, Willie Chamberlin, Richard Christensen, Puck Erickson, Bob Field, Tony Fox, Craig Geyer, Bill Giorgi, Jim Lindsey, Larry Mills, Professor Harry Nelson, Guy Savage, Jeane Schuyler, Jim Thomas, Chrisanna Waldrop, Guy Walker, and Cyndi Wilson. :nav Source: http://www.brooksfirestone.com/ :cryptic

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