Diane Dimond’s Suspicious Involvement? – MJEOL Bullet #54 REPOST

[b]Diane Dimond’s Suspicious Involvement? – MJEOL Bullet #54[/b] REPOST [i]Initially posted Jan 2 2004[/i] In a new [url=http://forum.mjeol.com/index.php?showtopic=12592]article from David Bauder[/url] of the Associated press, it is revealed that Jackson “news” reporter and tabloid writer Diane Dimond went to Court TV chairman Henry Schleiff months before the police raided Michael Continue Reading

3T Identity

[b][i]Identity[/i][/b] is the new one from 3T. Written and produced by the three handsome young men, the album is the followup to their international runaway hit album [i]Brotherhood[/i]. [i]Identity[/i] is scheduled to be released in the upcoming months. BTW, please check out a clip from one of the songs called Continue Reading

Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past-Bullet #99

Even More Damaging Docs of Accusing Family’s Past – MJEOL Bullet #99

In a stunning development yesterday (March 4), the attorney who represented JCPenney in a court case involving the family now accusing Jackson, released over 100 pages of documents from that case, and blasted the mother’s motives both in their case and in the Jackson case (see transcript from replay of report).

The attorney, Tom Griffin, was interviewed by NBC’s Mike Taibbi, the same reporter who broke the story about Richard Matsuura totally blasting the defamatory Vanity Fair article about Jackson in which Matsuura is cited as one of the children allegedly “given wine by Jackson” (see Matsuura Angry at Defamatory Vanity Fair Article-Bullet #89).

Tom Griffin calls what the mother did to JCPenney a “shakedown”. What was a small altercation with security – after some of the family members were actuall’y caught outside of the store with “an arm full of shoplifted clothes”–turned into a $3 million lawsuit.