Allred Guilty of Harassing Jackson & Children?-Bullet #108

Allred Guilty of Harassing Jackson & Children?-MJEOL Bullet #108 Publicity-seeking Gloria Allred is continuing to essentially harass Michael Jackson and his children by trying to get the state of California to rip them from his loving home and throw them into the system. Allred claims she received a response from LA County DCFS officials stating that they refused her request to yank Jackson’s children from his custody. Because their decision was not what she wants to hear, she says she is going to attempt to force a juvenile court judge to do so anyway. For the record, Allred knows absolutely nothing about Jackson’s lifestyle, how he raises his children, his mindset, or anything else relating to his children. She has neither first- hand knowledge of anything untoward happening between Jackson and them, nor has Jackson ever been convicted of anything remotely related to the endangerment of any child. These completely unfounded allegations—that Jackson’s children are in physical or sexual danger—are partly based on allegations raised by a family with a history of lying during depositions, lying to child services, and lying to lawyers and other authorities, according to a slew of damaging documents released to the press. A mother, with a history of mental issues; confusion/lies as to how the family was brought to the offices of Larry Feldman; a possible shakedown of the department store JCPenney which initiated when the children were made to shoplift by the parent(s); the mother writing out a script for her children to recite during that case; either lying during that JCPenney deposition or later to child services in relation to abuse by the father; possibly lying about their father to Child Services at the behest of the mother in 2001. Oh, none of this so much as raises a mention from Allred, nor does it seem to raise a question in her mind as to whether she should be pursuing the removal of the accuser and his sibling from the custody of the mother. Really, who should Allred be going after? Here’s a hint: It ain’t Michael Jackson. I guess the accusing family isn’t rich or famous enough for her to give a crap about. Talk about special treatment! (continue…)

Media Frenzy Appears Stupid after Presley Statement-Bullet #107

Media Frenzy Appears Stupid after Presley Statement-MJEOL Bullet #107 Lisa Presley released a statement yesterday (March 17) to put to rest the firestorm of media speculation and reports. Presley says she never saw anything inappropriate happen between Michael Jackson and any child. She says her comments were taken out of context and purposely twisted to insinuate Jackson was guilty of something. In a statement to clarify what she meant during an Australian interview, Presley says:

I was in no way referring to seeing something inappropriate with children, as I have stated publicly before. I never have. Unfortunately, due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments during a recent TV interview in Austrialia regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into. In saying I ‘saw things’, I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us that went on between us at the time as husband and wife…

Well she finally clarified her meaning but the larger question is just why did the media go on a two-day binge; a frenzy talking about her possibly being made to testify in front of a grand jury? (continue…)

Jim Thomas Blows Prosecution’s Claims?–Bullet #106

Jim Thomas Blows Prosecutions Claims? – MJEOL Bullet #106 Jim Thomas, long time friend of Tom Sneddon and former Sheriff of Santa Barbara, is an analyst for MSNBC. Partly through him, the media and public is being spun about the importance (or lack of importance according to him) of a two month investigation done by the Santa Barbara Sheriffs department that ultimately cleared Jackson of these allegations, finding “no criminal activity” occurred.

The investigation began Feb 18 2003 and ended April 16 2003, according to reports (see Mother of accuser initially said ‘I trust my children with him’ ).

The public was told nothing about this investigation during any of Sneddon’s interviews with Diane Dimond and Art Harris. Sneddon didn’t volunteer this information during any of his joking and insulting press conferences. Neither was the information published on the prosecution’s media website. Nor was it released in a statement though it’s PR firm Tellum Worldwide.