Rothman’s Financial Problems – Redemption Excerpt

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[b]Section 2.1: Rothman – The Lawyer[/b] …According to public records, Mr. Rothman filed bankruptcy in [b]1992[/b] with debts totaling almost one million dollars. He moved from the Sunset Boulevard office owing Folb Management $53,000 in back rent, claiming that the building’s security was inadequate and caused him a loss of $6900 worth of office equipment from the secretarial burglary. The office equipment that he told me was stolen from his office did not add up to $6900. This demonstrates Mr. Rothman’s ethics in handling his financial responsibilities-as will be discussed later on, I witnessed this behavior from Mr. Rothman on several occasions. … Mr. Rothman is a clever businessman. He had all of his assets protected. Even the title of his Rolls-Royce was transferred to a fictitious company that he controlled six months prior to filing bankruptcy. His corporate paperwork listed bogus addresses for several of his corporations. Dr. Chandler admitted to hiring Mr. Rothman because of his unethical business dealings. He needed someone that did not mind bending and/or breaking the rules. [i](-Geraldine Hughes: page 37)[/i]

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