Indictment, Defense Evidence, & Demands from the Mother-Bullet #130

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Indictment, Defense Evidence, & Demands from the Mother-Bullet #130 Jackson to Prove Innocence in a Court of Law According to reports, a grand jury handed down an indictment yesterday (April 21) against Michael Jackson. With an indictment, the prosecution has no more rocks under which to hide either their “case” or their witnesses. They will have to present this “case” in open court, have their witnesses cross-examined, and have their witnesses’ motives laid bare before the public. However, there are new reports surfacing about the accusing family’s motives, including news that the mother wanted a prominent position in MJJ Productions—Jackson’s production company—and wanted Jackson to make her kids “stars”. Up until now, the prosecution has been running the show: deciding where to keep their grand jurors, what they see, what they don’t see, putting their own witnesses on the stand unchallenged, and putting their testimony in the best light possible. That will all end if this “case” goes to trial. An indictment is simply a way for prosecutors to get a case to trial without having their witnesses subjected to cross-examination by defense attorneys. What the prosecution does is either put on people to persuade at least 12 of 19 grand jurors into handing down an indictment regardless of whether or not what they’ve been told is true. Theoretically, if someone is a good enough liar, it would be no problem to get an indictment. In this case, they were lucky enough to have built-in, eye-witness corroboration from the accuser’s brother! How convenient that the prosecution magically had an eye-witness! So lucky in fact that he was there on multiple occasions to witness this alleged abuse! Excuse the sarcasm, but you would have to be nuts to think that they would be so lucky. In an earlier April 19 Fox news report, sources say the actual accuser’s testimony, hereafter referred to at Star#1, was “shaky” at best:

Now I hear from sources involved with the case that the 14-year-old, who testified recently, did not make a good witness. In fact, I’m told that his own lawyer cut off the questioning when he saw things were getting rough. (see MJ Accuser’s Testimony ‘Shaky’ )

If this is true, it may have been the little brother, hereafter referred to as Star#2, whose incredibly lucky eye-witness accounts that sealed the deal for an indictment. Reports say that there are cameras all over the Neverland Ranch property, that Jackson is rarely ever alone even when he’s in his own bedroom, and that he and those around him have documented evidence speaking to his innocence in this “case”. So, if the prosecution is to be believed, not only would Jackson be stupid enough to get a kid drunk and molest him in front of a corroborating witness, but he’d also be doing it in the vicinity of security cameras, bonded security guards, assistants, etc. In a statement released yesterday, Jackson’s attorneys are not mincing words:

If the Grand Jury issues an indictment, on Friday, April 30, 2004, Mr. Michael Jackson will appear in court in Santa Maria, California at which time he will enter a plea of NOT guilty to the charges. Mr. Jackson and his attorneys remind the public that an indictment is merely a formal “accusation.” We also remind the public that Michael Jackson, like any other person accused of a crime, is “presumed to be innocent.” Mr. Jackson and his attorneys are confident that after a trial on these charges, Mr. Jackson will be fully exonerated and that the allegations contained in the indictment will be shown to be patently false. In this case, Mr. Jackson is not just “presumed” to be innocent but is in fact innocent. Michael is looking forward to his day in court and wishes to thank the millions of fans throughout the world who continue to support him during this difficult period. (

Note that they not only pointed out the presumption of innocence but proclaimed Jackson’s actual innocence. Speaking to his innocence, there have been rumblings of a “wealth of evidence” exonerating Michael Jackson. Some of this evidence has been reported in a new article by Roger Friedman, of all people. Friedman is far from a Jackson apologist. He says he’s seen documents, highly detailed documents, that will speak to Jackson’s innocence. According to him, two of Jackson’s ex-employees who were around this accuser and his family, are more than prepared to defend allegations around them and around Jackson:

A mutual acquaintance tells me that their main fashion accessory is a briefcase full of documents on this subject. It contains receipts, correspondence, and loads of other evidence that piece together their experience with the woman, her boyfriend, and the children

You can bet the prosecution has not seen these documents and were trying frantically to get their hands on them during the grand jury proceeding. Sneddon Made the First Move? Adding yet another layer to the suspicion surrounding the “case” is that Fox News is reporting that current district attorney Tom Sneddon contacted the mother of the accuser as early as Feb 16 2003! No, that’s not a typo. This is months before a second investigation was launched by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept by the DA. The first investigation clearing Jackson of criminal activity lasted from Feb to April 2003. It is now known that not only could the family have confessed to the LA Child Services if they were being intimidated or held hostage, or contacted the police, they also could have called the district attorney himself. They did neither and instead chose to run to a civil attorney and get that attorney to send threatening documents—rumored to be ‘intent to sue’ documents—to Jackson’s lawyers. This didn’t work with the first attorney they chose, so they ran to Larry Feldman. The new report cites sources close to Jackson who have documented evidence that the DA left a business card at the apartment of the accuser’s family:

In fact, I am told, [Frank] Tyson and [Vincent] Amen will recount how, when they returned the family to their own apartment in East Los Angeles on February 16, 2003, a business card belonging to Sneddon had already been slipped under the door of their apartment. The mother — fresh from the uproar 10 days earlier of her two sons being featured in the Martin Bashir special “Living with Michael Jackson” — picked up the card and called Sneddon, they will say. And that could suggest that Sneddon, long before there was any accusation against Jackson of child molestation, was already looking for a case that might develop into something more.

The writer says he’s actually seen some of these documents in the article. Some of these very detailed documents were kept by Tyson and Amen:

I saw some of this evidence a few months ago, and I can tell you that District Attorney Tom Sneddon is walking into a buzz saw if he thinks this pair can help his case.

What is absolutely disturbing is that the DA sought out contact with the family first. The DA’s role in the bringing forth of these allegations against Jackson could be larger than the public realizes. If he did in fact make contact with this family and either coerced them, pleaded with them, made certain threats or promises if they came forward with accusations against Jackson, it will be absolutely devastating to a “case” that is already riding on fumes; not to mention himself and his office possibly being in huge legal trouble. And make no mistake about it, Sneddon and his office may already be in legal trouble. At least one attorney is currently suing him and others in federal court for $10million on charges of racketeering, witness tampering and violation of civil rights (see Gary Dunlap). The report says the mother did call the district attorney, who by this time, could have been hunting for something…anything that could develop into a case against Jackson. If she told the prosecutors at that time nothing happened between Jackson and her son, that would be yet another statement of denial to the authorities. The bigger question is if Sneddon or any other prosecutor will willingly allow her to make false statements in this case and if the information will come out about what she said to him in Feb 2003. Joe Tacopina, the attorney representing Tyson and Amen has repeatedly talked about his clients being innocent of the allegations levied against them by the accusing family. Tacopina told NBC’s Matt Lauer this morning (April 22) that he was notified his clients were indeed targets of this grand jury. When asked if his clients are guilty of threatening this family, he says:

That couldn’t be any more false. I take heart in the fact that there’re no grand jury charges against Frank or Vincent. And I know the evidence in this case. [The allegations are] not credible. (see Video)

On April 12 2004, Tacopina told ABC’s Cynthia McFadden that the allegations of kidnapping and intimidation weren’t true:

MCFADDEN: True? TACOPINA: Oh god, absolutely not. Frank Tyson’s one of the most passive individuals you’ve ever come across. I don’t think he could get those words out, number one. And number two, he has no, absolutely no knowledge of Michael giving alcohol to any minor at all. And he would know. (see article)

Tacopina confirmed on Fox News Live April 18 that his clients were offered immunity. They turned it down. And from the reports about the enormous amount of evidence—documents, receipts, correspondence, who knows what else—it was a smart move by their attorney. He also talked about a form of blind stubbornness surrounding this case with the investigators and prosecutors. He told Cosby on the April 18 program:

I do not see the investigators, the prosecutors in this case, going in with an open mind. I think they believe in their theory of the case whatever that theory is gonna be. I don’t think any witness is gonna take them off that theory. (see article)

“Make my kids stars” or else? In further information breaking about this case, the mother supposedly wanted Jackson to make her children stars. Tyson and Amen will testify to this in court if need be:

They will testify, if it goes that far, to the mother’s constant complaints and requests, and to her anger when Jackson did nothing, as they remember her saying it, “to make my kids stars.” They will describe her as a conniving opportunist and leech. According to my sources, they will also recount how the mother did not want to leave Neverland once she had allowed the pair to move her in from her impoverished flat in East Los Angeles.

The mother was apparently angry that being around Jackson hadn’t shot them into the spotlight yet . She also wanted Jackson to buy her a house in Solvang, which is the town close to Neverland. The conversation of her request for a house took place on March 11, 2003, according to the report. This is the same day Amen drove the mother to court on a family matter concerning her ex-husband:

This conversation took place on March 11, 2003, the day Amen drove the mother to family court so she could fight her ex-husband for more child support. Amen told friends that when the judge ruled in the mother’s favor that day he thought she’d be happy. She wasn’t.

The money motive was present months before any allegations. According to sources, she wanted to actually work for MJJ Productions and do PR for Jackson:

“She said she’d been promised all kinds of things. She wanted to work for MJJ Productions,” my source reports. “She told Frank and Vinnie that she wanted to do Michael’s PR because of all the bad things people said about him. She thought Michael was going to make her kids into stars.”

So we’re not only looking at someone who wanted a new house, but someone who wanted a position inside Jackson’s organization, who wanted her kids to be turned into stars, who sought the services of Larry Feldman the civil attorney who secured a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the first case, who made contact with the DA months before the second investigation that lead to the charges (possibly as a back-up plan), and lord knows what else. Prosecution sympathizers have tried to explain away a money motive by bringing up the fact that they have yet to file a civil suit. There were reports months ago, and again there is information spreading out over the media, that the district attorney and the attorney advising the family struck a deal not to file a civil suit until the criminal process was over. That way, as long as they cooperate with Sneddon, he gets what he wants, and if they lie well enough to put Jackson in jail (not gonna happen), they get their shot at the pot of gold afterwards. But some people know that one will be forthcoming soon. Sources say the family is getting restless and may not be prepared for what’s about to happen in a trial or patient enough for how long it will take. Getting the indictment was the easy part. Now comes the part where the prosecution will have to put up or shut up. Sneddon will no longer get to decide what a jury hears and what they don’t hear. And given all the information that has come out now, and is continuing to come out, if they haven’t started worrying before now, they damn well better start. A trial is a whole other ballgame. And if we are to believe media reports, the bombshells about this family we’ve heard so far may be just the tip of the iceberg. -MJEOL

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