Jackson Kicks Ass and Takes Names, Media Loses It – Bullet #133

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Jackson Kicks Ass and Takes Names, Media Loses It – MJEOL Bullet #133

Michael Jackson and two of his attorneys, Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman, have parted ways. The media will attempt to spin this pronouncement out of the stratosphere as they always do regarding anything Jackson does.

The decision, however, was Jackson’s decision. Make no mistake about that. The decision may have been coming for a while now with Jackson not being satisfied with the amount of time the attorneys were spending on his “case”.

It may also have been the proximity to California for which to have the grape-vine/real-time information about what’s happening with what the prosecution is attempting to do. Ben Brafman and Mark Geragos are two well respected and brilliant attorneys. They are also able to illicit much envy and jealousy in some of these “tv lawyers” who have no other choice but to whine about their every move because they don’t currently have a ‘high profile’ case of their own.


Regardless of whatever reason given for the parting of ways, it’s clear that Jackson preferred to have someone (or persons) who could afford to spend 24 hours a day if need be only on his case. But watch out! The media will need to get in at least one more day of asinine commentary and their exaggerated, whiny and overly dramatic ‘chicken little’ theories. It ain’t that serious.

But you’d think it was the apocalypse listening to report after report of know-nothing legal experts and unnamed “sources” with delusions of being able to control the decisions Jackson makes. What absolutely floors a number of people, who aren’t prone to panic, is this schizophrenic argument the media is making. I’m certainly not the first to notice.

They claim he’s out of control, yet they also claim he’s being controlled by some imagined “committee”. ‘Look at him on top of that SUV’, they say. ‘He’s out of control,’ they whine. But when asked who’s making the decisions, they theorize ‘The Nation of Islam’, or ‘…this committee of sycophants’. I ask, how the hell can both these things be true? They can’t. Either he’s “out of control” or “someone is controlling him”. It can’t be both.

The media is good at changing their views to win whatever argument being made at the time. They should pick one lie and stick with it. It’s just another example of people trying to understand a situation that doesn’t make sense given what they’ve been told about who Michael Jackson is.

Michael Jackson is “uncontrollable” if you listen to the media. He’s “immature” if you listen to the media. He “doesn’t understand the seriousness of this situation” if you listen to prosecution mouthpieces. Nothing seems to make sense when he decides to follow his gut about a situation and make a shrewd decision.

Jackson is ‘immature’, or so we’re told. Therefore, instead of this being a decision made by him for the well-being of his own future, it’s seen as some temper tantrum over an indictment. Jackson is ‘uncontrollable’, or so we’ve been led to believe.

Thus, instead of this being a decision made by him to get a team in place that can spend 100% of their time on him, it’s seen as a decision made by his “committee of sycophants.” Oh, cue the violins and cry me a freakin’ river already!

It’s quite clear that Jackson is in “kick-ass and take names” mode right now. Everyone who he either cannot fully depend on for whatever reason, or who don’t have his best interests at heart, seem to be marked for termination. Some innocent people may get caught in the cross-fire. But no doubt, Jackson is exercising his own control over who helps him in this situation and this is what needed to happen.

Something as simple as deciding to go with an attorney he’s had his eye on for months now causes insulted shock from the pundits, commentators, legal analysts and prosecution mouthpieces who seem to think they should have been consulted before this decision was made. Geraldo “Troop Position” Rivera says his “sources” say the people around Jackson are like a “dysfunctional family.”

I say that the media is like a dysfunctional family; filled with liars (think Diane Dimond), users (think Harvey Levine), and those who may be positively ashamed at the shameful behavior of their lesser civilized brothers and sisters (think Linda Deutsch, Mike Taibbi or Dawn Hobbs).

People with their own motives, agendas, and ambitions are crawling around this situation. Each one jealous and second-guessing the decisions of the one they are most attracted to. Like children, they crave for Jackson’s attention. Every move he makes draws a criticism or a pseudo-psychological analysis; helicopters and losers hiding in the bushes. Media industries exist off his very celebrity.

‘Wacko Jacko’ and the advertising backing that moniker is a multi-million dollar industry. People have bought houses with the pictures they’ve sold of him and/or his family. There are people who have tv shows, have gotten raises and bonus, have gotten promoted in their chosen field because of him.

There are people who talked to him once and have partially used that interview to catapult them into a household name. And these are the same people trying to critique Michael Jackson? Trying to complain about the people around him??

Raking him over the coals while being ‘sycophants’ to other celebrities?? Give me a damn break!


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