93 Accuser’s Father’s Plan to ‘Ruin’ Michael Jackson

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Section 2.3 Dr. Chandler – The Father of the 13 year old Boy

…In a secretly recorded telephone conversation between Dave Schwartz, the 13 year old boy’s step father, and Dr. Chandler; Dr. Chandler admitted that he had been advised on what to say: and also admitted that he had paid people to move against Michael Jackson.

In addition, he stated that everything was going according to a plan. The details of this conversation were not falsely trumped up.

This was an actual tape recording between Dr. Chandler and Dave Schwartz, in which Dr. Chandler admitted he had a plan to destroy Michael Jackson if he didn’t get what he wanted. What did he want? His relationship back with his son? To ruin the relationship between Michael Jackson and his son? No!

Dr. Chandler had specifically stated his motive at this time was jealousy because he perceived that Michael Jackson was stealing his son’s affection away from him. Dr. Chandler was angry, had a motive and saw an opportunity to make money.

Dr. Chandler did not, however, let his jealousy towards Michael Jackson stand in the way of asking him to build an addition to his [Chandler’s] house, supposedly so he could have more room while visiting his son.

Michael Jackson briefly entertained the idea, but when he found out that his acquisition would not be approved by the building inspectors, Dr. Chandler then suggest that Michael Jackson simply buy him a new house.

Dr. Chandler was already trying to capitalize on his son’s friendship with Michael Jackson. It appears his mind was already calculating a way of reaping some type of profit from his son’s friendship with Michael Jackson.

Dr. Chandler admitted, in his own words, that he had been “rehearsed about what to say,” – “paid people to move against Michael” and that, “there was a plan.” This was, in my opinion, a confession of guilt. Why wasn’t anything done about this admission by Dr. Chandler?

This tape recording of the actual conversation was played throughout the world. Everyone heard Dr. Chandler detailing his plot to destroy Michael Jackson if he “didn’’t get what he wanted.” Dr. Chandler further stated, “It’s going to be bigger than all of us put together.

The whole thing is going to crash down on everybody and destroy everybody in sight. It will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want.”

(- Geraldine Hughes p 50-51)

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