Massive Media Irresponsibility During 93 Allegation

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Section 4.1 The Media Goes Wild …The media initially learned of the child molestation allegations when Dr. Abrams, the psychiatrist seeing the 13 year old boy, made a report to the Department of Children’s Services after a three-hour therapy session with him. The Department of Children’s Services contacted the police department and a search warrant was issued to search Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and Century City condominium. Immediately after the warrants were issued, the news leaked to the media and on August 23 1993 the story broke in a special news report. Within just a matter of hours, the allegations of child molestation was the top story on all major cable and network channels around the world. The conservative networks were airing news as soon as it came in and the tabloids were doing the same regardless whether the stories were true or not. Even the British newspapers were headlining the story across Great Britain. The tabloids were offering as high as a half a million dollars for information from anyone that would be willing to corroborate and authenticate the boy’s allegations. They were not concerned about the story being true because many so-called witnesses came forth and their story was later struck down… I was totally disgusted during this entire ordeal as I watched the media try this case based on the word of only one young boy’s allegation, which was never substantiated. Yet, the way this story was reported in the media, you would have thought they had a signed confession by Michael Jackson personally admitting to the allegations. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, the media had Michael Jackson tried and convicted, and the world was buying the reports hook, line, sinker, bait, fishing pole, fisherman, sea and shore. The media was interviewing people claiming to have witnessed Michael Jackson exercising inappropriate behavior with children who had visited his Neverland Ranch. Most of the witnesses who came forward were ex-employees, such as maids and bodyguards that had worked for Michael Jackson and had either quit or been fired. …However, when the witnesses’ claims turned out to be invalid, the media swept it under the rug. They never bothered to refute these so-called witnesses. When all the smoke cleared and the dust had settled, the entire case boiled down to just one thing: the 13 year old boy’s word against Michael Jackson’s. After all the witnesses were interviewed, millions of dollars spent on the investigation and grand jury hearing, etc., the heart of this entire case was the boy’s word against Michael Jackson’s. No evidence or proof was ever offered, and no credible witness was ever presented. (pgs 96-97)

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