Bashir FAKED Documents, Bank Statements to get Princess Diana Interview?

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Diana’s terror By BEN ENGLISH in London 17jun04 PRINCESS Diana was so terrified for her safety she was planning to flee Britain permanently in the weeks leading up to her death, it was claimed last night. Royal author Andrew Morton said Diana was tricked into giving her sensational Panorama interview in an effort to diffuse the perceived threat. [b]He said her terror was fuelled by then-unknown reporter Martin Bashir, who he said produced fake bank documents that convinced her she was being spied on by the British security services.[/b] The BBC, which aired the 1995 Panorama program, strongly denied last night the documents were used to obtain the interview. But Morton insists it was only after Diana was shown the bank statements by Bashir that she agreed to the interview. [b]The phony statements showed payments of more than $25,000 to Alan Waller, the former head of security of her brother, Earl Spencer. “They were critical in creating this sense of impending doom,”[/b] he says in his book Diana: In Pursuit of Love. “They were physical proof . . . that she was under constant surveillance and ultimately under threat.” [b]Morton says that it was the bank statements – which Bashir commissioned graphic designer Matthew Wiessler to create – which convinced Diana that members of the royal family had arranged to have her killed. But her candid interview did not have the effect she intended.[/b] The Queen demanded she divorce Charles as Diana was abruptly frozen out of her Palace links. Morton, whose claims were published in Britain’s Daily Express last night, says it was the fallout from the interview that tipped Diana over the edge into the paranoia that marked her final days. “Such was her fear that she was on the point of fleeing the country,” says Morton. Bashir was unavailable for comment last night. :nav Source:[url=,5936,9867562%255E912,00.html]…255E912,00.html[/url]

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