93 Accuser’s Family Turn on Each Other

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5.1 The Civil Lawsuit Evan Chandler v. June Chandler Schwartz and David Schwartz Dr. Evan Chandler [the 93 accuser’s father] filed a lawsuit against June [accuser’s mother] and David Schwartz [accuser’s step-father] in August of 1994, for invasion of privacy, violation of Penal Code section 632; intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy. Dr. Chandler stated in the Complaint that in June of 1993, he noticed a change in his son’s personality, mental and physical well being. He further stated that David Schwartz recorded their telephone conversation and gave the recordings to a third party with the intent to publish said recordings and that on August 31, 1993, the recordings were published and disseminated to the news media throughout the world. June Schwartz answered the complaint by asserting that the action was brought in bad faith, without probable cause and in an attempt to avoid payment of past due child support. She further asserted that said action was being brought to promote his own hope for celebrity status and a cruel plan to gain control over the assets of the parties’ minor child by manipulating the child’s affection. …David Schwartz cross complained against Dr. Chandler for invasion of privacy, violation of Penal Code 632, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In his statement of facts Mr. Schwartz contended that in the summer of 1993, the Schwartz family was torn apart by Michael Jackson’s interference in the family. Schwartz further stated that he did not think Michael Jackson had molested his stepson. Mr. Schwartz stated that on July 71993, he received a call from Dr. Chandler wherein he was abusive, belligerent and violent. He stated that it was not uncommon for Dr. Chandler to become violent. Mr. Schwartz said the reason he recorded his conversation with Dr. Chandler was because Dr. Chandler told him he had thoughts of killing the entire family, including the children, and that Mr. Schwartz recorded the conversation out of fear concerning Dr. Chandler’s threats to kill the family, including Mr. Schwartz… The case was dismissed with prejudice. Schwartz v. Chandler David Schwartz filed a complaint against Dr. Chandler for damages—for brain damage, two counts for assault, and two counts for battery. Mr. Schwartz asserted that on July 9 1993, at Dr. Chandler’s house in Brentwood, Dr. Chandler approached him in a menacing manner with a closed fist and threatened to strike him with his hands and feet. He stated that Dr. Chandler wrestled him to the ground and began to kick him and spat on him. Mr. Schwartz further asserted that once again while at Mr. Feldman’s office in August of 1993, there was another altercation in which Dr. Chandler punched Mr. Schwartz in his temple, causing him to lose consciousness. June Schwartz filed a Declaration in support of her husband. … The case was dismissed on January 29, 1996. (pgs 134-136)

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