Asinine Theories, Inadmissible Info Permeate Prosecution Case

Asinine Theories, Inadmissible Info Permeate Prosecution Case- MJEOL Bullet #170 The defense in the Michael Jackson “case” has launched salvo after stinging salvo against the prosecution’s actions, theories, and execution of this “case” since before police ransacked Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. In a defense motion filed July 23 2004, the defense contends that the grand jury process was racked with misconduct, speculation, inadmissible innuendo and incorrect instructions. What has also come to light is that a mysterious PR person who testified in front of the grand jury only worked for those around Jackson for less than 3 weeks. What’s more, she’s never even met Jackson. From her speculation comes some of the barrage of unfounded speculation of what Jackson could or may have done concerning the bizarre conspiracy charge.

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