Jackson Does Not Oppose Broadcasting of Aug 16 Hearing– Bullet #177

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Jackson Does Not Oppose Broadcasting of Aug 16 Hearing – MJEOL Bullet #177 In late breaking news, a slew of court documents have been released; one of which concern Michael Jackson’s reply to the media’s request to broadcast the hearing on Aug 16 2004.  Set to testify at that hearing among others is Tom Sneddon, the current district attorney of Santa Barbara.  In case you’ve been living on Mars since Nov 18, 2003, you’ll know that Sneddon is the lead prosecutor trying this “case” against Jackson.  Sneddon and others have apparently been involved in unlawful, illegal searches, violating attorney-client privilege, dragging their feet in handing over documents to the defense, breaking the gag order (which he requested), and other prosecutorial misconduct. In the motion in reply to the media’s request, Jackson’s attorneys state:

Please take notice that Mr. Michael Jackson is not opposed to the media’s specific request as set forth in ACCESS PROPONENT’S MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES IN SUPPORT OF RULE 980 MEDIA REQUESTS TO PHOTOGRAPH, RECORD, OR BROADCAST AUGUST 16 2004 HEARING, dated August 13 2004. (see Notice of Mr. Jackson’s Non-Opposition to Access)

This means exactly what is says: Jackson isn’t opposing the media’s request to be allowed to broadcast the August 16 hearing where Sneddon and possibly others will be grilled about their conduct in the pre-stages of prosecuting this “case”. This brings up unwarranted chastisement from the media about Jackson. Just yesterday (Aug 12 2004), the Associated Press’s Linda Deutsch made some remarks criticizing Judge Rodney Melville for the secrecy surrounding this “case”. From the Santa Maria Times:

Deutsch told guests at the annual Installation & Awards Dinner of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce that Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville would “put a nail in the coffin of freedom of information” if he continued sealing court records in the Jackson case. …During her speech, Deutsch also criticized prosecutors and defense lawyers in the Jackson case, who have joined Melville in insisting that Jackson’s right to a fair trial requires unprecedented secrecy. “I never have seen quite as much fear and loathing of the press,” she said. (see Jackson’s judge criticized (Aug 12 2004) )

But this is not even the worst of them. In an irate diatribe, which I won’t give any publicity to, one reporter had the unmitigated gall to claim that it was Jackson who wanted to skirt the first amendment laws by seeking his own form of justice. Weeks ago, different members of the press would write these pieces blasting Jackson for wanting his own form of justice (ha!)—as if his side was the one who requested this gag order in the first place. I wonder if the media will continue to incorrectly whine about Jackson wanting “special treatment” now. Stay tuned. -MJEOL

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