Sneddon Caught on Tape Breaking Gag Order? -Fox

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Breaking news tonight. On Fox News show At Large with Geraldo, attorney Joe Tacopina says that Tom Sneddon was in fact caught on tape breaking the gag order in this case and saying that he sent out letters to people “to keep them off TV”.

Sneddon, as you remember, told the AP that the story wasn’t true and that he was taken out of context. If Tacopina is correct, Sneddon has not only broken the gag order, but lied to the press about doing it.

Of the tape, Tacopina told Rivera, “He said this at a speech that someone taped. So, yes, he’s gonna admit he did that. And he said he did that. “

Tacopina also says that all the credible evidence in this “case” is “overwhelming in [Jackson’s] favor. “

Stay tuned for an MJEOL Bullet about this some time in the near future.

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