Defense Blows Hole in Conspiracy/Abduction Story

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Explosive development in the Michael Jackson “case” today. The accuser’s new stepfather took the stand and testified that the accuser and family was at HIS apartment when Geragos’s private investigator came to tape an interview they gave in which they were exonerating Michael Jackson. Fox news is reporting that the stepfather admitted under oath that he asked Jackson for money allegedly to help him restore his image. If you remember, the prosecution’s story is that the family was being intimidated and being held hostage at Neverland. And this is why the family exonerated Jackson on tape, prosecutors say. However, in court Jackson said Miller came to his apartment to get an interview with the family. Defense attorneys say Miller introduced himself and specifically told J. Jackson–a Major in the army–that he was working for the law firm Geragos & Geragos. They also said Miller again told Jay Jackson who he worked for after he finished interviewing the family on tape. J. Jackson claims either not to know or not remember Miller told him this. Again, the big revelation here is that the family was at J. Jackson’s apartment. So how in the world were they being “forced” or held hostage at Neverland?? He apparently didn’t even so much as think they were being coersed because he didn’t even stay in the same room the entire time they were being interview by Miller. He says he was in the other room at some point watching television. Have you ever heard of a story where a kidnapper allows the people he’s kidnapped to go to other people’s houses on their own free will? And to the mother’s boyfriend’s house, no less? Neither have I. Stay tuned to the official August 19 hearing thread for further information: :check

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