Controversy Brewing Over False Statements from Dimond, Court TV – MB#194

Controversy Brewing Over False Statements from Dimond, Court TV – MJEOL Bullet #194 A controversy is brewing between Diane Dimond of Court TV and Karen Faye, Michael Jackson’s long time friend and makeup artist. On August 18 2004, Court TV’s Crier Live ran a video report from tabloid reporter Diane Dimond in which Dimond claimed the Attorney General of California’s investigators received information from “informants” that Faye falsified the huge bruise on Jackson’s arm. Not only were these defamatory statements false, but they were statements which paint Faye as a criminal.

This is what was said by Dimond during the Aug 17 report:

DIANE DIMOND [video report]: Court TV has learned, exclusively, much time was spent trying to find and question this woman: Karen Faye, Michael Jackson’s loyal, long-time make-up artist.

She’s seen here in a recent Fox special. According to confidential sources close to the investigation, informants told the AG’s office it was Faye who had actually applied makeup to create the bruise seen here on Jackson’s arm. And that it was all smoke and mirrors.
(see video)

Without providing the names of any of these “informants” or the name of the “source(s)” who “exclusively” told Court TV that the AG was searching for Faye, Dimond rather recklessly left a serious allegation of illegal activity hang out there for the public.

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